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Skeptoid T-Shirt Contest

by Brian Dunning

May 1, 2012

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Donate Skeptoid needs new T-shirts.

Although I'm really happy with those that we already have, we need to expand the collection into designs that are more commercial, and that people will actually want to wear around in public and look sharp doing so.

And so, we're going to have a design contest! And since design talent is valuable, I'm offering a cash prize plus goodies to the winner, and goodies for three more runners-up:

GRAND PRIZE: Your shirt will be selected for print. $100 cash. An autographed Skeptoid bookof your choice, a Here Be Dragons DVD, and a custom voice recording from Brian Dunning of the content of your choosing. And some shirts, of course.

First three runners-up:An autographed Skeptoidbookof your choice, aHere Be DragonsDVD, and a custom voice recording from Brian Dunning of the content of your choosing.

For the custom recordings, write whatever you want me to say (up to 1 minute) and I'll send you a high-quality AIFF audio file for you to do whatever the heck you want with.

There aren't really any ground rules or content restrictions. You're not required to stick with the existing creepy eyeball logo (graphic ishereif you want it) or the font (Bank Gothic); just do whatever looks cool, and make a shirt that people will actually want to wear around. Maybe something retro like these examples. It would be nice if people who see the T-shirt end up somehow being inspired to check out the show.

For production considerations, these will be offered on only a single color of shirt, so please specify that along with your design. The design can include as many colors as you like, but remember that fewer colors = cheaper production, and that may be taken into account.

The winners will be selected by a boisterous, liquored-up committee at a Science & Suds night (Facebook and Meetup groups) in Orange County following the close of the contest, which is May 20, 2012. All entries will be presented to the committee anonymously.

Contest entries can be emailed to brian [at] It is not necessary to submit final high-quality artwork or separations; we can worry about that if you win. No entries accepted after May 20.
PS - If you've got a great idea for a shirt but lack the artistic skilz, artist Pedro Valenzuela has volunteered to help turn a few ideas into submittable artwork. Contact him here.

by Brian Dunning

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