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Alien Markings outside Penn Jillette's House

by Brian Dunning

December 5, 2011

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Donate The UFO and magic communities are both abuzz with the news that huge bizarre markings, directed toward visiting aliens, have been discovered in the desert just outside Penn Jillette's Las Vegas property, dubbed "The Slammer".

Researchers noticed the markings on a recently released data set of aerial photography in Google Earth.

Representatives for Penn have not yet offered any hints to the purpose of the markings, or just what Penn may be trying to communicate. Speculation has also left the curious empty handed.

Many other places in the world also boast such markings, designed to be visible from great altitudes. Popular examples include the Nazca Lines in Peru, the Blythe Intaglios in California, and the alien landing spot outside Scientology's Trementina Base in New Mexico. It's possible that Penn may be inviting the aliens to land at his home, or perhaps that he may even wish to join them.

Click this link to view Penn Jillette's mysterious markings in Google Maps.

by Brian Dunning

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