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Bogus Medical Advice From the Past

by Guy McCardle

September 11, 2011

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Donate Ah, the good old days of medicine. Somewhere between the time of the discovery of Penicillin and modern stem cell research we have lots of bogus medical advice like that seen below. Of course, we have plenty of bogus advice being handed out today as well. We just don't yet have the benefit of hindsight to show us so plainly that it is pure nonsense. So...let's have a laugh at the past and enjoy/learn from the following.

1940's - 1950's: Doctors and Dentists say that cigarettes are good for your teeth, may help lengthen your life and are a healthy alternative to over eating. Quite ironically, they are also supposed to be good for protecting your throat against irritation and cough.

1970's: Sugar helps you lose weight. I especially like the implication that you hardly ever see any fat kids because they eat so much sugar.

1930's: Suicide is caused by "mental germs".

1950's: Television treats ADHD, improves behavior in children and generally helps strengthen family bonds.

1933: Loud noises are supposed to "exercise" the ears and restore hearing. I suppose this machine operates on the idea that "like cures like".

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by Guy McCardle

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