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Making a bad impression (of a Bigfoot)

by Sharon Hill

June 14, 2011

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Donate Paranormal web sites are reporting receipt of a Media Advisory for a news conference next week to reveal “Potentially the most convincing evidence of Bigfoot since the Patterson Film of 1967”.

What evidence might that be? According to the press release, “A full upper body impression including half a face on the passenger side window of a pickup truck.” And, on the drivers side, they allegedly have “the nostrils, nose and lips of a Bigfoot.”

Oh. OK...

The announcement, made by Jeffrey Gonzalez, founder of the Sanger Paranormal Society, cites the people who were there for the discovery --a science teacher/principal (former member of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization), a corrections officer (who appeared on the show Monster Quest) and an electronics specialist with AT&T (Mr. Gonzalez).He wants you to know they are credible.

What do any of those “credentials” have to do with the evidence? Nothing. They are meaningless.

The evidence must stand on its own, be warranted and make some sense. One (of many) major problems with this situation is revealing evidence via press conference gives you publicity, not credibility. In fact, the former works against the latter in this case. We’ve seen some ridiculous Bigfoot press conferences (the Georgia Bigfoot hoax) and so called “proof” before. It’s not ever panned out.

I guess we’ll have to see from the reveal how they actually KNOW it is a Bigfoot. Being that we really don’t know what Bigfoot looks like, I’m unclear how one could make a positive ID. And I’m REAL curious to hear if they were IN the truck at the time the impressions were made (which would make the story way more interesting).

Color me skeptical about this latest news; even the Bigfoot believers aren't real excited.

by Sharon Hill

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