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A "supper club for the rich and powerful"

by Sharon Hill

June 8, 2011

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Donate The Bilderberg Group is meeting this week. Let the conspiracies begin! Do not miss this in-depth article from BBC News: Bilderberg Mystery - Why do people believe in cabals?

Admit it! You wish you were there for this fabulous insight into the dealings of the rich and powerful. Who wouldn't? Perhaps if you were a conspiracy theorist, even being a fly on the wall for these discussions wouldn't convince you that these influential people aren't plotting World Domination.

Are conspiracy theories just expressions of envy that we aren't included, or of frustration that controls weren't in place to stop a terrible thing from happening? Are they our means of deflecting our feelings of fear onto a straw man we've constructed? Yep. And so they will always be around. Thanks to the Internet, goofy ideas spread far and wide, take root, and grow.

For more about the Bilderberg Group and their "sooper-sekrit" cabal, check out this Skeptoid episode.

by Sharon Hill

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