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Trouble Sleeping, Try a Lark!

by Guy McCardle

June 5, 2011

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Donate Like millions of other Americans, I have trouble sleeping. Chances are you do to. On top of chronic insomnia I'm unfortunate enough to have a serious case of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. When I do sleep, most of the time it's pretty crappy. Like most of my chronically sleep deprived brethren, I always keep an eye out for a new and better way to get a restful night of sleep. Enter the Lark.

The Lark is actually three products: one part iPhone app, one part wrist sensor and one part iPhone base/charger. The wrist sensor communicates your movements to the base and the software in your phone analyzes your movements and interprets how well you slept while wearing the unit. I'm kind of bummed that it isn't supposed to help you sleep any better. I am already well too aware of the poor quality of my sleep. The makers of the Lark also like to call the unit an "un-alarm" clock. This is because the wrist sensor will gently vibrate to wake you up at a time of your choosing. At least that is the idea. Personally, I need a full body shake and someone yelling in my ear to raise me from my groggy slumber. It is not a gentle process. The folks at Lark have thought ahead about this matter, however. If you fail to wake up from the gentle wrist vibration, a "composer-created audio back-up" wakes you. Back in my day this was known as "music".

I can't really come down too hard on this product. I haven't tried it. Even though I'm a skeptic I like to keep an open mind. My wallet, however, remains closed. The Pro version of the Lark will run you $189 and the lite version will set you back $129. I think for now I'll keep using my dependable old homeopathic remedy. It costs a little less.

by Guy McCardle

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