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Waterspouts & Swamp Gas: Challenging Popular Assumptions

Australian Skeptics National Convention

Canberra, ACT
November 27, 2022
9:45am - 10:15am

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Waterspouts & Swamp Gas: Challenging Popular Assumptions

Brian will be making a virtual appearance at the Australian Skeptics National Convention on Sunday morning.

Science communicators do almost as much bad science as anyone. This talk blows the lid off some of the huge mistakes the media has made, some terrible but popular so-called "skeptical" explanations for famous phenomena. It's a lot of fun, covers a lot of ground, and exposes a lot of stories and urban legends you've heard of. The concepts it presents -- thinking errors, perceptual errors, preconceived notions and biases -- are universally applicable to professionals in any industry or to students in any subject.

To attend and catch the talk, register for the conference using the link above.