Make your Disinformation Agent badge

When a listener warned that I was a "disinfo agent", fans were quick to respond, and I was quickly anointed as an official Disinformation Agent with this ID card:

Disinformation Agent

This was made by listener Matthew Wilkes, who is also the artist behind this optical illusion from Richard Wiseman's web site. One more reason that Matt kicks so much ass is that his journey to critical thinking has been longer than many of ours, as you can see from this note he wrote on what used to be his 9/11 Truther site. He has abandoned "patriotism" in favor of being a Disinformation Agent. :-)

If you have Adobe Photoshop, or have a friend who does, you can make your own Disinformation Agent badge by downloading the original Photoshop file, with all the layers intact, here. You'll also need a scan of your signature. I thought about making this an online service, like the "get your degree in seconds" from Thunderwood College, but I simply don't have the time. If anyone else wants to, go crazy, you have Matt's permission to use this official image.

ID cards in the US measure 3.375" × 2.125". I recommend printing it out onto cardstock at those dimensions. I know little badge holders are available at office supply stores, maybe someone has a better suggestion.

Font note: Some of the fonts may come up as missing. They are commercial fonts, so can't be provided here. However, Photoshop will do a pretty decent job of replacing them, and nobody will notice the difference.


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