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Continuing Professional Education

A talk from Skeptoid Media might be the most fun way to satisfy your industry's CPE requirements. Brian Dunning, producer and host of the Skeptoid podcast, presents adapted versions of our most popular content to reveal some of the surprising ways that critical thinking outside the box can improve your company's bottom line.


Waterspouts & Swamp Gas: Challenging Popular Assumptions

Believe it or not, your industry is permeated with popular assumptions that nobody ever thinks to question, often because "we've always done it this way".

Through a series of entertaining examples from history, urban legends, and audience participation, we'll discover the logical fallacies, perceptual errors, preconceived notions and biases that are, even now, preventing your company from being all it can be.


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Brian spoke about conspiracy theories to my class on domestic terrorism. When thinking about how pervasive conspiracy theories are and the potential consequences of deliberate and unchecked misinformation, I was happy to introduce my students to the critical thinking tools that Skeptoid offers every week. Thank you for the work you do and your eagerness to engage university students. - Trace Lasley, American University

This was one of the best talks of the year in our local skeptics program. Often when skeptics examine evidence-based claims, we focus on science and overlook historical claims. As this program showed, history may have been misreported and is open to critical examination. Dunning chose a variety of interesting examples from across time and cultures, examining their historical contexts and the likelihood they happened as commonly reported. It was unique, informative and fun. - Jeanine DeNoma, Oregonians for Science and Reason

Student comments:

The information from the talk was both informative and very relevant to a class on skeptical inquiry

Great presentation; caused me to go back to my paper as not just debunking, but of why it was stared as a myth.

I feel like Mr. Dunning did a good job of thoroughly covering his topics.

I really enjoyed his talk and would have loved for it to be longer. It was very helpful in observing how "wackies" can develop and why some hold on far beyond the time they should have faded away. As a benefit, he was well-spoken and thorough.

I was interested enough to look into the stories after the talk, but he told them quite exhaustively.

It also inspired me to watch his weekly podcast. The talk was perfect for this class.

I found it to be useful is I now know about his work and can view it even after the class is over. Another benefit of this format is that it is easy to for me to share it with friends, family and anyone else who needs to use their brains more effectively.