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Jon Connell

I sign myself, futurist, polymath and inventor - which a) is true and b) an affectionate nod to a London inventor and radio personality. I am an engineer. I run a business. I sit on a bunch of technical standard panels in my industry and I have published white papers on optics and lighting in learned journals. History: I built my first LED lighting fixture in my bedroom in 1976 while listening to a Led Zeppelin LP and making the lights change color in time to a brand new gadget called a synthesizer. My educational background is electronic engineering and electrical engineering. Why: I believe lighting and the engineering thereof to be important... really important. My reason to be: Sometime around 1500 in Florence Leonardo Davinci used to buy the very best quality paintbrushes from the best paintbrush maker in town and with them he made great art that stood the test of time. I like to think I do the same today - I make the best paintbrushes for great artists to paint with - and just maybe... something they create will be looked at favorably and the viewer will remember the paintbrush maker too.

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