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Want to discuss all the most profound skeptical issues in real time with all sorts of fascinating people? The Skeptalk Mailing List is the place to do it!

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Skeptalk Rules

  1. Only brilliant, ingenious people with brilliant, ingenious things to say are allowed to subscribe and post. But then, I'm on there, so obviously this rule is flexible.
  2. Stick to the issues - no flame wars. Keep it interesting for others to read.
  3. Subject to Rule #2, Skeptalk is a Free Speech Zone. Discussion of any skeptical topic is encouraged, no matter how politically incorrect or offensive to some. If you're easily offended, expect Skeptalk to find out how easily.
  4. There is no spam on Skeptalk. Announcements of interest to the skeptical community, such as upcoming events, are definitely invited.
  5. Please read the complete rules.


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Listener Feedback: Provisos, Addenda, and Quid Pro Quos
Skeptoid #620, Apr 24 2018
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Alcohol Myths
Skeptoid #619, Apr 17 2018
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Are They Real, or Are They Fictional?
Skeptoid #618, Apr 10 2018
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10 Great Science Hoaxes
Skeptoid #617, Apr 3 2018
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Abiotic Oil
Skeptoid #616, Mar 27 2018
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#1 -
Principles of Curiosity
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#2 -
More Space Missions You Should Know
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#3 -
Volkswagen Dieselgate Reexamined
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#4 -
True or False Pregnancy
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#5 -
Thawing the Minnesota Iceman
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#6 -
There Is No Finland: Birth of a Conspiracy Theory
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#7 -
Lights in the Sky
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#8 -
The Big Pharma Conspiracy
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