Skeptoid “Just Say No” T-shirts, 55 New Designs

"Just Say No" T-shirts for all occasions

It took a bit of haggling with the Zazzle API (probably few of you care about that part), but today I’m pleased to announce the new line of “Just Say No” T-shirts from

See them here!!

Each one boldly makes your statement in a no-nonsense kind of way; and then, just to back it up, it provides full references.

The line has launched with 55 designs, each one making an in-your-face summary of one Skeptoid episode’s conclusions. The 55 are the ones that best lent themselves to a punchy tagline, but more will be added constantly. The references (too small to read here, but legible on the printed shirt) are the same as what are found on each episode’s transcript pages.

They’re available in all sizes and on a number of different shirt styles and colors. Best of all, Zazzle (the printer) has offered this limited-time discount code: SUNLOVINSALE. Just type that in when you place your order for a significant savings.

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Science writer Brian Dunning is the host and producer of Skeptoid.
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3 Responses to Skeptoid “Just Say No” T-shirts, 55 New Designs

  1. Highlordomega says:

    I love them…. but there are quite a few typos…

  2. There are over 100 designs now. Also some earlier issues with cropping have all been ironed out (pun intended).

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