Expelled Exposed For Real?

Expelled, the creationist “documentary”, is for sale. I posted the news to our Skeptix group just for the schadenfreude and got back an interesting idea:

Perhaps we (the skeptical community) should buy it and, assuming the assets include all the raw footage, re-edit it using only their footage to let Dawkins, Meyers, et al have their say.

I just happen to know how powerful editing is. It could be fun. I have no idea how much it would cost, though. Just imagine Expelled: The Version They Didn’t Want You To See.

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11 Responses to Expelled Exposed For Real?

  1. Guy McCardle says:

    That sounds like a great idea. Wonder where one would get money for such a purchase.

  2. Legion says:

    Does the buyer only get the final print? Or all the edits and outtakes as well? Now THAT would be a way for Dawkins, Myers, Scott et all to have their day!
    Everyone already knows how they were butchered but with the ability to show the raw footage they could really make their case.
    But don’t get excited. I’m sure the Discovery Instutute or some other deep-pocketed creationist org is already poised to snatch it up and play it on a constant loop in one of their laughable museums.

    – Giordano Bruno –

  3. Craig Good says:

    Does anybody have experience with Kickstarter? I wonder if that would work. The biggest problem is that there’s very little time left to make a bid.

    Maybe there’s a Skeptical Sugar Daddy somewhere that I don’t know of. C’mon, what are you all doing with your Big Pharma Shill bucks?

    • I started with Kickstarter for inFact. Then I realized there was no value proposition, since they brought very little (if any) new audience. I rolled my own, drawing on my extensive PHP/MySQL skilz.

  4. Craig Good says:

    Legion: I just looked at the court order. It does indeed include all raw materials (film, developed or not, etc.).

  5. Craig Good says:

    Well, Kickstarter turned down my proposal. Doesn’t come as a great surprise. So, absent sudden intervention by well-heeled skeptics, I fear the project is dead. I still say it would have been a good idea.

  6. MercuryChaos says:

    TalkOrigins is taking donations for a bid: http://pandasthumb.org/archives/2011/06/help-talkorigin.html

  7. StephenM says:

    The auction ended a few days ago. Does anyone have any info on who won it, and for how much?

  8. Craig Good says:

    I don’t know who the buyer was. The price, ironically, was $1,000 higher than I originally guessed it would be. Maybe I’m better at guessing this stuff than I think.


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