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Here are some videos about critical thinking, featuring Brian Dunning from Skeptoid:

inFact with Brian Dunning   inFact with Brian Dunning
Selected Skeptoid topics in video format, 3minutes each, suitable for all audiences.
Here Be Dragons   Here Be Dragons
A free 40 minute video introduction to critical thinking, available on DVD and by download, suitable for general audiences.   Ann Althouse & Brian Dunning on
Interviewed by Ann Althouse about Skeptoid and some of its most interesting episodes.

Enjoy some short & entertaining videos exploring some more mysterious phenomena:

Gunsight Mine - Gravitational Anomaly   Gunsight Mine: Gravitational Anomaly
Can you guess what mystical powers causes objects to fall up to the ceiling in California's most haunted mine?
Area 51   Area 51: Aerial Surveillance
Join us as we fly to the secret guarded base in the Nevada desert and have a terrifying encounter.
Ghost Lights of Anza-Borrego   Ghost Lights of Anza-Borrego
These frightening orbs have been the scourge of the California deserts for over 100 years, and the body count is still climbing.
Living Stones of Death Valley   Living Stones of Death Valley
We captured on film - for the first time - the strange force that drives stones across the surface of Death Valley's Racetrack Playa.
Desert Flying Objects  

Mysterious Desert UFOs
Can you figure out what they were?

Brian Dunning on CNN  

The Skeptoid on CNN
OK, so this doesn't have anything to do with critical thinking, I just like to brag about my appearance on CNN. From my previous career.

Note that these videos are more for entertainment than for critical analysis. But please feel free to make your comments...

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Ong's Hat
Skeptoid #658, Jan 15 2019
Read | Listen (14:16)
Illuminating the Illuminati
Skeptoid #657, Jan 8 2019
Read | Listen (14:54)
And Bigfoot Said...
Skeptoid #656, Jan 1 2019
Read | Listen (11:10)
Stonehenge and the Scope of Uncertainty
Skeptoid #655, Dec 25 2018
Read | Listen (14:08)
Pop Quiz: Consumer Ripoffs
Skeptoid #654, Dec 18 2018
Read | Listen (15:46)
#1 -
10 Great Science Hoaxes
Read | Listen
#2 -
Alcohol Myths
Read | Listen
#3 -
Titanic Myths
Read | Listen
#4 -
Palm Oil Facts and Fiction
Read | Listen
#5 -
The Inflammatory Diet
Read | Listen
#6 -
Are They Real, or Are They Fictional?
Read | Listen
#7 -
All About Grounding
Read | Listen
#8 -
Are You Living in a Simulation?
Read | Listen

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