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The Skeptoid podcast is fun and entertaining for everyone, but it is also used as a teaching resources in so many classrooms that we here at Skeptoid Media finally decided to do something about it. The free version of Skeptoid is ad-supported and offers only the newest 50 episodes. Premium Access gets you the show ad-free and gives you access to more than 10 times as many shows. When you're giving students podcast episodes as part of a unit, you don't want them to have any ads.

Easily provide specific episodes to a classroom

TeacherSkeptoid's educator program makes it possible for teachers to share specific episodes with students (ad-free) via a special link that can be easily shared. It also includes complimentary premium access allowing you to play any archived episode in class from your own device.

If you're a teacher and you share Skeptoid episodes with your students as part of legitimate coursework, consider joining and helping to build this initiative. All you need is an email address with a .edu or other educational domain. Email me from that address and tell me:

  • Where you teach,
  • What you teach,
  • How Skeptoid is an active part of your academic curriculum.

That's it! I will reply with instructions. Thank you for sharing the message of critical thinking with our future generations.

Brian Dunning
Skeptoid Media


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