Skeptalk Rules

Skeptalk is a self-managed community. All viewpoints are welcome. The practical result of this is that there is great content, and also content that isn't so great. It's up to you, the Skeptalk members, to keep yourselves and each other on track. Read and follow these rules. Remind each other of these rules when necessary.

  1. Skeptalk is for critical analysis of pop phenomena. Ideally, science vs. pseudoscience.
  2. Differences of political opinion are inappropriate for this list. Painting the opposing political party's viewpoint as "pseudoscience" to circumvent this rule doesn't fool anyone.
  3. Be inclusive. Treat all opinions in a welcoming manner, and don't make readers feel like outsiders by berating their opinions.
  4. Disagree? Attack the position, not the person. Personal attacks are not welcome. This is not kindergarten.
  5. Don't feed the trolls. Translation: Do not allow yourself to be drawn into a petty argument or name calling. Instead, remind them of these rules. If they persist, report them.
  6. If your post is not a positive contribution that an intelligent reader will appreciate, it is not appropriate.
  7. Please do not repeat yourself. If you've made your point once, there's no need to repeat it. Let others express their opinions too.
  8. If a thread goes off-topic, please terminate it or start a new thread.
  9. Post using a real name, anonymous nicknames are not allowed on Skeptalk. Keep your signature to a minimum. Delete redundant footers and extra stuff to keep it lean.
  10. Feel free to remind each other of these rules whenever necessary. It's self-managing, and you're that self.
  11. Notify an administrator [skeptalk-owner (at)] of anyone who habitually violates these rules or makes a flagrant violation. If the administrators receive enough complaints about you, you can be permanently banned.
  12. If you find Skeptalk useful, please invite others to join and mention it when you post elsewhere about related topics.


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