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Making the Science Based Case for Performance Plastics

IAPD Annual Convention

Miami Beach, FL
September 23, 2019

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This is a private event.

Making the Science Based Case for Performance Plastics

As performance plastics professionals, you already know the tremendous advantages that these materials have over other, more traditional materials. Yet the public perception is shaped by negative images in the media. How can you overcome these deeply held beliefs and promote the benefits of performance plastics? With science!

In this session, science writer and popular podcaster Brian Dunning will give you the science-based perspective you can use when discussing the benefits of performance plastics and how they differ from consumer-based plastics. You can use what you learn in your conversations when you are:

  • Trying to recruit the emerging workforce, who have grown up thinking that plastics are evil
  • Winning over designers/end users/engineers who have always used other materials
  • Talking to legislators about performance plastics and why they shouldn't be included in the same laws that apply to consumer-grade plastics
You'll leave with the science you need to counter claims and be better able to change the conversation about performance plastics.