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No, the Voynich Manuscript has not been ‘decoded’

Every so often, someone comes forward having claimed to have translated the Voynich Manuscript, the famous 15th century nonsense book that has intrigued codebreakers and linguists over the centuries. The most common explanation for the book is that it is … Continue reading

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Black Cats are Victims of Our Own Imaginations

It’s Halloween this Friday, and that felt like as good a time as any to talk about black cats. These poor critters live with the weight of several erroneous beliefs on their feline shoulders, all because of their high melanin … Continue reading

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The Slender Man Stabbing

This past weekend, two 12-year-old girls, allegedly, attempted to murder their 12-year-old friend by stabbing her 19 times. This horrifying act was not only cold-bloodedly premeditated (again, allegedly), but also was, apparently, being done to appease the fictional character of … Continue reading

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The Russian Sleep Experiment

Back in the 1940s, a group of unethical Russian scientists performed a sleep deprivation experiment on a group of political dissidents that lead to a horrifying conclusion, or so the story goes. Is the story true or based upon a true … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Myths: Hordes of Hookers, Avalanches of Avocados

The bigger an event is, the more pervasive and long-lasting its accompanying myths are. This is especially true of the Super Bowl, the one day of the year when a billion people gather together to eat avocados, go to the … Continue reading

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Fact or Fiction: Ethnic Food Origins

I’m going to take a break from debunking conspiracy theories and false flags to talk about one of my other favorite pastimes: eating. Whether it’s fried, baked, fried, grilled, fried or served with a dipping sauce after being fried, food … Continue reading

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We Love It! Myths and Legends of Los Angeles

The City of Angels. Tinseltown. La la land. Los Angeles carries a reputation that precedes it in all directions, from the beaches full of beautiful people to the working-class barrios of the east side. It’s flocked to by those looking … Continue reading

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Rock and Roll Urban Legends

London’s Royal Albert Hall, 1981. Phil Collins stalks the stage, as his band roars through the spare, synth-driven hit “In The Air Tonight.” Collins practically whispers the grim lyrics, bearing all of his focus down into the audience, specifically someone … Continue reading

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