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Clinton’s Campaign Promise and Carter’s Barium Cloud

So apparently Hillary Clinton is something of a UFO buff. In recent interviews, the Democratic hopeful has been vowing to publicly release secret government files on Area 51 and other UFO phenomenon, so long as there was anything substantive to release and that … Continue reading

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RAF Vulcan and a UFO

I came across this tiny gem of a UFO sighting via the Huffington Post, UK. According to the article, Elaine Costello, a resident in Sussex, England, was filming a RAF XH558 Vulcan bomber flying overhead. Upon reviewing the video, she … Continue reading

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Those UFO Files

You may have already heard the news, however, in case you haven’t, a massive amount of US Government UFO files—from Projects Blue Book, Sign, and Grudge—has recently gone live on the web. Fox News has reported on the information, citing an article at … Continue reading

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UFO Spotted Over Lady Liberty

Not long ago, a UFO was filmed by tourist visiting the Statue of Liberty. This UFO video has been posted to YouTube and is featured in a few articles, like this one on The Huffington Post by Thomas Tamblyn.

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James Oberg: Astronaut UFO Incidents

Sometimes when looking for a topic, I end up going on wild tangents, chasing one thought or another and satisfying my own curiosity. I try to keep my ear to the ground for interesting or unusual UFO reports that might be … Continue reading

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Mirage Men: A New Chapter in UFOlogy

Mirage Men is a limited-release documentary from late 2013, and if you get a chance, you should definitely see it. They talk about Alice going down the rabbit hole; this film starts with you already lost down in the hole, … Continue reading

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UFOs and Lasers caught on video

  So, UFOs. The rise of near ubiquitous video cameras has coincided with a reduction in UFO reports, surprisingly. That said, a recent video sighting claiming to show a UFO firing a laser or a beam at a car caught … Continue reading

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Witness of Roswell incident passed away

A witness to the Roswell incident in 1947 recently passed away. Although, witness is probably not entirely correct. Dr Jesse Marcel Jr was only 10 when that weather balloon crashed in that area of New Mexico. Dr Marcel’s father was … Continue reading

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Is Dulce Base the New Area 51?

With a population of under 3,000, the New Mexico border town of Dulce is remarkably unremarkable. Populated almost entirely by Native Americans, it has a Bureau of Indian Affairs office, a couple of churches and a very small airport. But … Continue reading

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IMO: UFOs and Alien Visitation

In this installment of IMO (in my opinion), let’s talk a bit about UFOs and alien visitation. UFOs, in this context, doesn’t exactly mean “Unidentified Flying Objects” but rather “Alien Spacecraft” (or possibly government experimental craft, time travelers, inter-dimensional travelers, I’m going to stick … Continue reading

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