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Popping Your Beliefs, One Candy at a Time

In my previous post (yes, the one about Playboy), I mentioned that it is sometimes good to challenge yourself on things you consider “facts” or where you assume something to be the way it is. It is a fun skeptical … Continue reading

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Arguments to Use During Christmas Dinner

Most everyone has a woo-loving, conspiracy-obsessed or anti-science family member. And we all know a Christmas dinner with a few glasses of wine and some long-simmering resentment is the perfect opportunity for them to give their skeptical relation (and everyone … Continue reading

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We Are the Snopeheads

I have a bad habit of getting into Twitter spats with purveyors of conspiracy theories, pseudoscience and general nonsense. Last week, I stumbled on a tweet pushing the discredited bit of “news” that President Obama had threatened treason charges and … Continue reading

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Of Schools, Skepticism, and Snopes

By now, I’m sure many of you have seen the alleged “science quiz” making the rounds on the Internet — the one that says dinosaurs lived with people and that an Apatosaurus is the best explanation for the Leviathan of … Continue reading

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Trusting the Internet

A few weeks back, I stirred up a bit of controversy when some people thought I was showing a liberal bias by debunking some social media posts. One of the sources I generally pick to make a quick check on … Continue reading

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Kitty Werthmann: History Distorted

When doing my usual check of “What’s New” on snopes.com, I came across a recent entry for an email from one Kitty Werthmann, purporting to tell her story of living through the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany, also known … Continue reading

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The Gullibility of Facebook

A couple of weeks ago I brought up the story of the Michigan cougar, and a trail cam photograph of said beastie taken in June of this year. As it turns out, it didn’t take long before the trail cam … Continue reading

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