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Skeptoid Wins “Best Science Podcast” Award

I am pleased and honored to announce that Skeptoid was the winner of “Best Science Podcast” at the first annual Stitcher podcast awards, announced on December 4, 2012 in San Francisco. Other nominees in the science category included shows from … Continue reading

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And the Winning T-Shirt Design Is…

The judging committee has met, thrown back an Irish beer or three, and torn through a pile of more than 50 contest entries. In going through them all, we found a great diversity of artistic styles and messaging. Some had … Continue reading

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Skeptoid T-Shirt Contest

Skeptoid needs new T-shirts. Although I’m really happy with those that we already have, we need to expand the collection into designs that are more commercial, and that people will actually want to wear around in public and look sharp … Continue reading

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Skeptoid Dramatic Pause Study

So it’s one of my little catch phrases on the podcast. A lot of times I’ll close an episode with “Whenever you see [some silly claim], you should always… [dramatic pause] be skeptical.” Well I guess I do it often … Continue reading

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Wacko of the Week is no more

Subscribers to the Skeptoid email newsletter are going to notice something new this week: The much-loved Wacko of the Week section is gone. This segment highlighted a specific nutty person, sometimes living, sometimes dead, who has been a willing part … Continue reading

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Using Skeptoid as a Reference is Not So Easy

I should have known better, but sometimes emotions do get the best of us. On Twitter, a user was attacking a celebrity I follow. Normally I don’t get involved since a celebrity has to expect a certain level of negative … Continue reading

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Skeptoid “Just Say No” T-shirts, 55 New Designs

It took a bit of haggling with the Zazzle API (probably few of you care about that part), but today I’m pleased to announce the new line of “Just Say No” T-shirts from Skeptoid.com. See them here!! Each one boldly … Continue reading

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A “supper club for the rich and powerful”

The Bilderberg Group is meeting this week. Let the conspiracies begin! Do not miss this in-depth article from BBC News: Bilderberg Mystery – Why do people believe in cabals? Admit it! You wish you were there for this fabulous insight … Continue reading

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Come see a live show! Berkeley, June 9

If you’re going to be in the San Francisco bay area next week, please come see my free talk at Cafe Valparaiso in Berkeley on June 9, 2011 at 7:00pm. I’ll be giving the Sounds from Beyond! talk that some … Continue reading

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Sounds from Beyond! @ Google

On May 20, I was invited to give a talk at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA through their Authors@Google program. Googler Charlie Ross, a swell dude and a gentleman scholar, set it up and hosted me for the day. … Continue reading

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