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Susan Gerbic: Vampire Slayer

Susan Gerbic at The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry has put out the call for all vampire slayers. Does this mean that we should all stock up on garlic, holy water and get some really high collars for our shirts? No, … Continue reading

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Skeptics “proven wrong” in films and television

I was recently thinking about the cases in movies and television shows where the skeptic/unbeliever is shown to be wrong and that there really is some supernatural events/miracles/aliens/paranormal powers at work in the world of the show. Whether or not … Continue reading

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My Psychic Prediction for 2012 Came True within Minutes!

Like so many other scientific skeptics, I made a handful of joke predictions for 2012, predicting things that are bound to happen. It’s just an easy way to poke fun at people who make their livings by lying and claiming … Continue reading

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