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How Does an Airplane Stay in the Air?

For the longest time, I thought I knew why an airplane stayed in the air. It was because the wings were curved, and in such a way that the top was more curved than the underside. Air moving over the … Continue reading

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Small Rocks Do Occasionally Float; It Doesn’t Make Me Wrong About Everything

I was wrong. I am wrong often. As an educator of science, I try to be careful about avoiding speaking in absolute terms. When the rule holds a majority of the time, it is hard not to just say something … Continue reading

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Popping Your Beliefs, One Candy at a Time

In my previous post (yes, the one about Playboy), I mentioned that it is sometimes good to challenge yourself on things you consider “facts” or where you assume something to be the way it is. It is a fun skeptical … Continue reading

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Using Bad Physics To Explain Video Game Physics

As a little departure from serious debunking, I felt it necessary to correct this egregious error in an explanation of video game physics. While watching a video sent by a friend, the video posted below came up as a suggestion. … Continue reading

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No, You Can’t Charge Your Phone Battery In 20 Seconds

Eesha Khare did something pretty incredible. She experimented with materials and developed one which acts like a supercapacitor – a capacitor with a structure which allows for a much smaller package than a traditional capacitor (a higher energy density). To … Continue reading

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Philosophy in Physics

The last week of the spring semester at the community college where I teach is next week. I had my last lecture session that covered new material on Thursday. The last topic discussed in my “Elements of Physics” class was … Continue reading

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What is Energy?

Today I am putting out a call for some comments. I am currently teaching my physics classes about energy. The term energy can also be, and is often misused by those peddling various pseudoscientific nonsense.

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The Language of Science and Skepticism

I describe myself as a skeptic. It is sometimes difficult to describe to others what being a skeptic means. My family and friends sometimes misunderstand my intentions as a skeptic, and I find it is because they do not regularly participate … Continue reading

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