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Don’t Feed the Trolls?

Why did that poster deserve a cogent reply? Here’s the context: I’d written about “birth certificate bonds,” and someone had come along to attempt a rebuttal that essentially started with “wake up, sheeple” and ended with “you are all fools.” … Continue reading

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But You Should Question Some Things…

I’m ashamed to admit that, recently on Facebook, I failed as a skeptic. Here’s how it went down: I logged onto Facebook as I do, checking my feed to see if anything interesting had been posted. And I saw the … Continue reading

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Electrohypersensitivity and Bad Reporting

The April 2015 issue of Popular Science includes a bizarre feature article that might give many readers cause for a double take: a detailed promotion of a thoroughly debunked pseudoscience. It is largely a profile of one woman, Diane Schou, and … Continue reading

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The Heavy Cost Of Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss is one of the most lucrative areas of commercial chicanery in the United States. Complicated health issues like obesity and weight loss have no easy answers. That fact doesn’t stop the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry from spending millions in marketing … Continue reading

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Is Water Causing Autism?

As a step-parent of an autistic child, I have taken a long personal interest in all things about autism. I needed to do my own research regarding the raising of my younger children to ensure I did whatever I could … Continue reading

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In Which My Readers Tell Me How Wrong I Am

This is my 50th post for Skeptoid Blog, so I’m going to do something a little different from my usual conspiracy-busting. Writing for Skeptoid has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as a writer, giving me the … Continue reading

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Common Arguments Against Skepticism (And Why They’re Wrong)

If you spend enough time reading pieces on skeptical websites, or commenting on websites that promote conspiracy theories or pseudoscience, you’re going to start seeing the same feedback over and over. And by “feedback” I mean hysterical insults and accusations. … Continue reading

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Same-Sex Marriage and Logical Fallacies

The issue of whether couples of the same sex should be allowed by law to marry stirs passions on both sides of the question, resulting in a heated debate between those who believe in marriage equality, and those who believe … Continue reading

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An Addition to the List of Logical Fallacies

This week, I ran across an old classic argument the anti-vaccine people use as a reason not to get vaccines. It takes various forms in how it is presented, but the premise surrounds the fact there are companies and people … Continue reading

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Agent Orange and GMO: Non-Sequitur of the Day

Today I was alerted to a blog post entitled “Outrageous: Agent Orange Maker Monsanto Seeks Return to Vietnam for GMO Crops“. The headline is certainly startling and attention-grabbing; it includes just about every shock-inducing term known. To summarize the article, … Continue reading

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