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If You Know Anyone Afraid of the Flu Shot, Show Them This!

Internet memes are constant reminders of how unstructured information sharing is. I see memes through the prism of scientific skepticism and critical thinking and the most frustrating aspect is how they can be used to disseminate dangerous ideology and disinformation. There … Continue reading

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Are People Who Swear More Intelligent?

Recently, I’ve been seeing variations on a meme floating around my social media feeds. The most common version says something to the effect of “Science says that intelligent people swear more than stupid motherfuckers” (see image) or some variation thereof. … Continue reading

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The Amazing Stubbornness of a Vaccine Anecdote

Yes, yes: my usual story. I spent way too much time on social media fighting with the anti-science crowd. It’s always a difficult balance, since I have a few projects with looming deadlines, yet I feel obligated to see a … Continue reading

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Beware of LinkedIn Invitations

This is a bit off-topic, so think of it as a bit of skeptical consumer protectionism. This morning LinkedIn spammed every single email address in my computer’s address book with an invitation to connect with me, including many, many people … Continue reading

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More Quotes You’re Probably Getting Wrong

It’s time for another edition of Historical Misquotes, where we take a look at some of the most famous utterances of all time and see if they were really said by the people generally thought to have said them. The … Continue reading

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Is It Time To Give Up Facebook?

We all know that the mainstream media loves a good, link-baiting headline, and that they are prone to simplification and exaggeration when it comes to science discoveries. So whenever I see the news feeds light up with the sensational results … Continue reading

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Seven Brilliant Quotes? Not So Much

Internet memes are like fireworks, coming out of nowhere, exploding in a burst of color and light, then vanishing, leaving nothing but a lingering blob of smoke and dust. Nowhere is this more prevalent than on Facebook, where anyone can … Continue reading

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The Gullibility of Facebook

A couple of weeks ago I brought up the story of the Michigan cougar, and a trail cam photograph of said beastie taken in June of this year. As it turns out, it didn’t take long before the trail cam … Continue reading

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