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Can You Lose 5kg in Three Days With This One Weird Trick?

So many of my article ideas come from social media. “You Can Lose Up To 5 Kg in 3 Days With Potatoes & Yogurt!” the headline on the shared post declared. Well, naturally that got my attention. I write a … Continue reading

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Far from Bulletproof Science

Like a lot of people in the Western world, I used to be a bit overweight—you know, a spare tire, nothing special. But in one of those classic New Year resolutions last year, I decided enough is enough and started going … Continue reading

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Beware Direct Response Marketing

Here at Skeptoid, we like to promote skeptical and critical thinking about a variety of topics. I think that one place that deserves skepticism, that a lot of consumers fail to apply critical thinking to, is marketing and advertising.  There … Continue reading

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Are You Orthorexic? Our Obsession with Healthy Eating

We seem to have forgotten that humans are omnivorous. Around the world and throughout history, people have thrived on diets diverse and extreme enough to shame the fad diet section in any modern bookstore. Populations have flourished on staples like … Continue reading

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“Wooo! What A Workout”

We all want to be stronger, better looking, and more healthy. We all want it to be easy. Everyone is looking for “the method”—a straightforward method to get the most out of your workouts. After dietary pseudoscience, exercise is the next worst category … Continue reading

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Why Didn’t The FTC Just Outright Ban Sensa?

Shocker! It turns out that Sensa, the “tastant” food additive that supposedly curbed cravings and led to weight loss, doesn’t actually do what it’s advertised to do! At least, that’s the finding of the Federal Trade Commission, following on the … Continue reading

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The Ali Edwards Diet

The last few weeks have been interesting for me around here. When I published my post critiquing fad diet gimmicks as all hiding calorie reduction as their actual mechanism of weight loss, I wasn’t expected to ignite a fierce debate … Continue reading

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Macronutrient Mea Culpa

Forgive me, readers, for I have sinned. In my prior blog post, “The Skeptoid Diet,” I championed the maxim “calories in, calories out.” In doing so, I did not address all the nuances of weight loss; I did not offer … Continue reading

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The Skeptoid Diet

I’ve been losing weight recently. Like, a noticeable amount of weight. I don’t bring this up to brag (well, okay, maybe a little). I bring it up because, inevitably, people ask me about this weight loss. They want to know … Continue reading

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Konstantin Monastyrsky – Pseudoscience of Nutrition (Part 2)

Last week I wrote about the Konstantin Monastyrsky and the poor application of science and the use of mostly anecdote in his ideas as to what the human diet should be. Through most of my research on his ideas, it didn’t … Continue reading

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