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Paying The Toll For Anti-Vaccine Rhetoric

The anti-vaccination movement has run a two-decade-long campaign of fear-mongering. It’s a well-funded campaign with a provocative narrative. They warn anyone who will listen that vaccines are dangerous, useless, and that they may cause autism. They spread propaganda originating from a fabricated 1998 study by ex-medical … Continue reading

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Finally! Real Research On Curing Autism!

OK, not really. For those of us in the skeptic community, we understand Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are a complex set of brain-based disorders that share some common traits but can vary greatly in severity. In many cases, autism isn’t necessarily something that needs … Continue reading

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Pregnancy, Pesticides, and Autism

News media outlets love a good story. Exciting narratives draw eyeballs and sell publications. Unfortunately, people rely on news media outlets for their health and science information. Experience has shown that news media often either get the information wrong, or place far too … Continue reading

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Water, Autism, Owie Spray, Eating Clay, and Imitation Butter

I wanted to clear up a few items from my list that don’t fit into full posts, but I thought were important to address. One is my post from two weeks ago. Another is a “control anecdote” to counter some … Continue reading

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Is Water Causing Autism?

As a step-parent of an autistic child, I have taken a long personal interest in all things about autism. I needed to do my own research regarding the raising of my younger children to ensure I did whatever I could … Continue reading

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What I’d Say to the Latest Anti-Vaccine Celebrity

Those who know me know two things about me: I love the Chicago Bears and I love talking about the importance of vaccinations. So when Kristin Cavallari, the wife of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, and apparently a celebrity in her … Continue reading

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Mum on Hunger Strike to Save Daughter from Pseudoscience

Seven year old, Melissa, is autistic and lives with her parents in France. Her mother, Jacqueline Tiarti has not eaten for eleven days. “Thank you, my country,” writes Tiarti on Facebook, “for having pushed me into a hunger strike to … Continue reading

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Skeptics and Retards

Bill Maher is lauded by many skeptics for his criticism of organised religion. Some prefer to just gloss over or totally ignore his rejection of “western medicine” as he likes to call it and his many rants about the fantasy … Continue reading

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Roundup and Gut Bacteria

Note: I recently became a contributor over at The Skeptical Libertarian. There will be some cross-posting and similar topics covered. This is a benefit, however, as it has already brought to my attention new material which I might not have otherwise … Continue reading

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MercolaWatch:On Environmental Factors for Autism — Part 2

This is the second of a two-part response to a recent mercola.com speculating on environmental causes for autism. This part briefly responds to his mention of vaccines, phthalates and gut flora.

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