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Alison is an educator and freelance creator living in Dearborn, MI.

Conspiracy Nuts Disrespect The Victims Of Moore, OK

It didn’t take long for the vultures to appear in Moore, Oklahoma. No, I’m not talking about the lawyers, or the charity scammers (though I’m sure they showed up just as quickly). I’m talking about Alex Jones and his fellow conspiracy-mongers. … Continue reading

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The Consumer Effects Of ‘Infotainment’ Science Reporting

Now this is the kind of journalism I like to see. Earlier today, the Guardian published “The need for critical science journalism” by Dr. Jalees Rehman, a well-aimed jab at the way most media outlets handle science reporting. Labeling the … Continue reading

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Of Schools, Skepticism, and Snopes

By now, I’m sure many of you have seen the alleged “science quiz” making the rounds on the Internet — the one that says dinosaurs lived with people and that an Apatosaurus is the best explanation for the Leviathan of … Continue reading

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What Students Think of Here Be Dragons

As I discussed previously, I like to use resources from the Skeptoid podcast in my composition classes to foster critical thinking skills. I also use the film Here Be Dragons, as it has the good qualities of being (1) short … Continue reading

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Why No One Takes Cryptozoologists Seriously

As you may have already heard, the big release of the Bigfoot DNA study happened earlier this month. I wrote about this previously, before the publication but after the scientific community already got good and skeptical over the alleged discovery. … Continue reading

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Skeptical Classroom Resources

When I posted last week my own little experience concerning introducing skepticism and critical thinking into the classroom, I knew I was far from the first person to commit such ideas to writing. But since that post, I’ve become keenly … Continue reading

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How I Introduce Skepticism Into The Classroom

I don’t teach science classes, or philosophy classes, or any of the kinds of classes where one would traditionally teach critical thinking skills. I teach composition. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try to inject some skepticism into my class … Continue reading

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Researchers Identify Oldest Video of Blobsquatch!

I try not to give any attention to Finding Bigfoot, the ridiculous Animal Planet “reality” series that has all the flaws of the reality genre in addition to its complete lack of critical thinking on the subject of Sasquatch. But … Continue reading

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About That Amazing Giant Squid Footage

By now you may have already heard about the amazing video footage of a giant squid that’s about to air on the Discovery Channel later this month. You may have even seen some of the still images they’ve released. It’s … Continue reading

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Should Bigfoot Believers Have Hope?

Ah, the Huffington Post! It’s one of the most-visited news sites on the Internet, but it also has the unfortunate habit of being fertile territory for non-critical articles on all sorts of woo. There’s a reason Skeptoid named it one of … Continue reading

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