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I am a software engineer, husband and parent of two. I have been involved in the Skeptical movement for a few years now, especially since having children and so needing to fight pseudoscience related to parenting (vaccines, homeopathy, etc). I've been fortunate to attend TAM twice with my wife (who is also of a Skeptical bent). I also have a blog known as "What Does the Science Say?" (, where I have an odd habit of writing a lot about aspartame.

Is Science Close-Minded?

I’ve been frequently labelled “close-minded.” Usually the speaker (or writer) isn’t really targeting me. What they seem to mean is that “scientists are closed minded, and so are you people that worship them,” to only slightly paraphrase such sentiments. As you can … Continue reading

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Consumer- and Skeptic-friendly FTC Actions of 2013

This article will cover actions the Federal Trade Commission took in 2013 to quell the tide of commerce-related scammery that exists. There is a depressingly large number of complaints, which I am sure makes only the smallest of dents in … Continue reading

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Natural Nonsense: Is Michigan Going Mad About Pigs?

The Man himself at NaturalNews, Mike Adams, has written a number of stories stating that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is ordering people to shoot the pigs on their farms for no good reason. Is the state of … Continue reading

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My Skeptical Origin Story

When I first encountered the Internet as a teenager, I became quickly fascinated by the notion that “they” were running the world, and leaving signs of their presence. It wasn’t clear who exactly “they” were but the group certainly included: … Continue reading

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NaturalNonsense:Misleading statements on whooping cough

In reading NaturalNews articles, I’m frequently left wondering if the writers intentionally misquote their references or if the writers simply cannot understand what they read. What’s more remarkable is when the reference in question is a press release rather than … Continue reading

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Is herd immunity a myth? A response to Russell Blaylock, Part 2

In my previous article, I began my response to Russell Blaylock’s 2012 essay “The Deadly Impossibility Of Herd Immunity Through Vaccination” in which he seems to claim that vaccines are essentially worthless and therefore the nationwide mandates for immunization are … Continue reading

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Is herd immunity a myth? A response to Russell Blaylock, Part 1

Like late night callers to the Coast to Coast AM, the Internet is filled with articles that claim to have found the fatal flaw in “hoaxes” perpetrated by the scientific community. Using the well-honed technique of throwing an easy pitch … Continue reading

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Aspartame and E. coli, oh my!

A “news item” recently came across my Facebook page which has a pretty remarkable claim:aspartame is made from E.coli feces! The even more remarkable thing: That it’s true. Sort of.

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NaturalNonsense:NaturalNews hyperbole on cancer screening

Historically I have sort of ignored the site NaturalNews because it is so blatantly wrong. It reads exactly like conspiracy sites like Prison Planet and Info Wars (both by Alex Jones). This turns out to make sense as appears that … Continue reading

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Learning from reddit

The Internet is chock full of sources of information, some better than others. I happen to think that a particular area of the site Reddit is quite good. So I’ve decided to write an article discussing some cool stuff learned … Continue reading

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