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The Face on Mars has a Peruvian Cousin

Some interesting links came in over the Skeptoid transom the other day, and they provide a good opportunity to apply a little healthy skepticism as well as learn about an interesting corner of the world. A web article published by … Continue reading

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I Started Chasing Radiation And Ended Up Following The Money

A recent YouTube video purports to show the San Francisco area being “fried” by radiation, radiation which the videographer somehow knows just had to come from Fukushima. That’s hitting close to home, as I live near San Francisco and really … Continue reading

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Get The Lead Out

I will start out right off the bat by stating a personal bias: Anything I read in Mother Jones gets extra scrutiny. But what is said ultimately matters more than who is saying it, or where. I wanted to get … Continue reading

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Room 237

A movie review on a skeptical blog? Indulge me. I think this film will be of interest to anybody fascinated with how the human mind makes connections and so often reaches the conclusions it wants. We just screened this Sundance … Continue reading

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Dying to Work at Foxconn

Thousands of people recently lined up hoping for a job at Foxconn in China, the company that assembles high-tech gadgets such as the iPhone and iPad for Apple and other companies. The article mentions some of the hand-wringing about working … Continue reading

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How Does a Skeptic Lose Weight?

Late last year I decided I was carrying around more flab than I wanted. I was already ten plus pounds below the peak weight I hit a dozen years ago (it turns out that when your wife gets pregnant you … Continue reading

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Going Ape over Earthquakes

A recent story about the devastating D.C. quake dredged up the old claim that animal behavior can predict earthquakes. Animals at the Washington National Zoo started behaving oddly minutes before Tuesday’s magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit. Quakes seem to dislodge quack … Continue reading

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It’s a whirlpool of wrong

Warning: In this blog post I am going to agree with something the Discovery Institute has to say. A while back I tweeted about the latest over-analysis of a Pixar film. I have long maintained that movies are a mirror, … Continue reading

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I Believe They Have A Point

How often has this happened to you?

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Another Thing About Which I Have Been Wrong

I have long been spreading the story that computer “bugs” got their name from the famous moth that was found between some contacts in an early computer. Today I saw this review of Brain Bugs (which looks like a great … Continue reading

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