The Next Great Currency Scam

Over the past year, I’ve written quite a bit about the Iraqi dinar, the foreign currency that many self-appointed “gurus” try to convince buyers will suddenly “revalue” from being one of the most worthless currencies in the world to one of the most valuable. Dinar brokers sells bundles of the dinar that you can only buy in cash directly from Iraq, then you sit on it and wait for the Iraqi government (or President Obama, or the IMF, or whatever) to pull the trigger on boosting it hundreds of thousands of percent in value.

It doesn’t take a degree in finance to tell you that this is false. Many actual financial experts have debunked the myth of the Iraqi dinar “RV,” and while gurus have been promising for years that the magical day where millions of dinars turn into millions of dollars was right around the corner, it’s not, it never has been and it never will be. Iraq’s economy is nowhere near being able to support an electronically traded currency with serious value, and it might be a decade or more before that happens.

Fortunately, the dinar scam looks like it’s finally abating. There are numerous, well-written pieces by people at Forbes, Business Insider and others presenting well-researched and logical information about why the dinar is about as worthwhile an investment as magic beans.

The Vietnamese dong

The Vietnamese dong

Not only that, but law enforcement is starting to crack down on dinar brokers who exploit a loophole in currency law to sell cash as a collectable. Of the four dinar websites I mentioned in the piece, one, Sterling Currency Group has been raided by the FBI and shut down, while Bet on Iraq is now a dead link. Additionally, one of the most vocal dinar gurus, Anthony “TNT Tony” Renfrow, recently pled guilty to wire fraud in relation to a different prosperity scam – one that used many of the same techniques as the dinar.

But just as scams like the “Omega Trust” and NESARA begat the dinar scam, it’s only a matter of time before the resources put into selling and pimping this worthless currency is put toward selling and pimping some other worthless currency. Which one will it be? Here a few different national currencies to be on the lookout for as the next great money scam:

Vietnamese dong
If there’s one other currency that dinar gurus love to sell along with the dinar, it’s the dong. Vietnam has a complex history when it comes to currency, one intertwined with the fractured history of the country. Both North and South Vietnam issued their own currency, both called the dong, in the 1950s. When Vietnam was united by the communist insurgency in 1975, the dong was also unified. It went through several redenominations, lopping zeroes off the inflated exchange rate with old currency exchanged for new. For decades, Vietnam struggled with inflation, counterfeiting, and the dong’s lack of value against other currencies.

Finally, in 2003, Vietnam introduced new notes that were harder to counterfeit, and it developed a new banking system designed to handle large transactions.

Even with all of these reforms, the dong is one of the most, if not the most, worthless currencies in the world. It currently trades for around 21800 to one dollar, and only in cash, not electronically. Like the dinar, you can buy them in cash from brokers working under the “money service business” loophole. Like the dinar, the dong is massively overprinted. And like the dinar, they take a massive cut, usually charging between 20 to 25% more than the value of what you’re getting. And finally, like the dinar, the dong has lost value in the past year, as it traded at 21175 to one dollar one year ago. Dongs are becoming less valuable, not more.

But that doesn’t stop “gurus” from hyping them as the next great currency to rise when the “global currency reset” happens. They seize on minor details, like some US banks carrying dong to exchange for dollars. But there’s a simple reason for this – more and more Americans are traveling to southeast Asia, including Vietnam. While dollars are accepted, shopkeepers will usually round their prices up when dealing with dollars, making items more expensive than using the local currency. It’s not part of any massive currency reset, it’s just tourism.

The dong is a viable currency to buy if you’re going to Vietnam. Other than that, it’s useless as an investment. The Vietnamese government might attempt to redenominate it again, but as we’ve discussed with the dinar, redenomination is not the same as revaluing – one is a real and legitimate technique to bring down inflation, the other is pie in the sky nonsense.

Stacks of Indonesian rupiah

Stacks of Indonesian rupiah

Indonesian rupiah
The rupiah is the currency of Indonesia, and while its pimping and selling are not quite at the level of the dinar or dong, don’t be shocked if it gets there. Way back in 1949, when Indonesia first gained independence, the rupiah traded for about 3.8 to one dollar. But hyperinflation hit almost immediately, and soon price controls had to be introduced. In the 70s, the rate was about 415 to the dollar, dropping even further going into the 80s. Despite Indonesia having a strong economy, the rupiah continued to drop in value, and crashed completely in August 1997.

In 2015, there was something of a gain, as money flowed into the country before its presidential election. But post-election, the rupiah crashed again, and hit a low of 13,000 to the dollar. Compare this to their value a year ago, which was 11710, and you have another currency that would have lost you much of your investment.

The country had vowed to redenominate the rupiah, but put that on hold while its economy stabilizes. In the meantime, unless you’re an experienced foreign currency trader (and chances are if you’re reading this, you’re not), stay away from the rupiah.

The infamous Zimbabwean 100 trillion dollar note

The infamous Zimbabwean 100 trillion dollar note

Zimbabwean dollar
Everyone likes a big number, and the bigger, the better. So it made news when Zimbabwae, hit with crippling inflation, introduced a 100 trillion dollar note, it made international headlines. It was also the beginning of the end for the currency, as in 2009, Zimbabwe announced they’d be phasing out their currency altogether, and relying on foreign currencies like the US dollar. The zim will become completely demonetized by the end of 2015, though there are unwelcome rumors that the country is experimenting with printing new (most likely much lower) denominations.

At this point, Zimbabwean dollars are worthwhile only as collector’s items. They literally are about to have no value as actual money, and the country is attempting to get the last notes out of circulation. This admittedly makes those 100 bazillion dollar notes valuable, and the highest ones go for around 20-25 bucks on eBay. But even then, the market is flooded with them. You’re not going to get rich off any money coming out of Zimbabwae. Nobody ever has.

Something else
The Chinese yuan, South Korean won, and various other Asian and Middle Eastern currencies are also mentioned as being the “next currency” to be revalued, despite nothing being the previous one. Chances are, it won’t happen, for both simple and complex reasons.

As always, be skeptical of anyone touting the benefits of buying large amounts of a cheap currency with lofty promises for the future. They’re almost certainly not true.

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Mike Rothschild is a writer and editor based in Pasadena. He writes about scams, conspiracy theories, hoaxes and pop culture fads. He's also a playwright and screenwriter. Follow him on Twitter at
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97 Responses to The Next Great Currency Scam

  1. Rickis Clark says:

    Interesting your take on the Iraqi Currency to never revalue and basically those selling are just scamming everyone that thinks there will be a RV one day. What I am not understanding is if the Iraqi Currency is so weak, why did the CBI approve and print a $50,000 Dinar Note in November of 2015? Certainly if Iraq’s economy is completely unstable and foreseen to be as such for years to come, the powers to be would not invest in such an addition as a brand new $50,000 Dinar Note! Their highest yet too boot!

    I am curious to ask if you have ever thought of this possible senario about Iraq’s future partake in the Arab Community and World trading theaters? What if the ISIS/ISIL Caliphate and al Qaeda terrorists were annihilated completely from Iraq’s region and an enormous oil productivity put them 1st in the World Oil Trade? Taking the country of Kuwait into a possible comparison with their currency going through a RV period makes one think about all the future possibilities!

    If the US and their now 50 plus country coalition did not exist and Iraq just sat alone in the desert, it would only make sense that they were going nowhere for probably umpteen years. There is an obvious war of battling the old Ottoman Empire that is now known as the ISIS/ISIL jihad Caliphate, al Qaeda and other scattered terrorist groups that are presently attacking the Arab Communities.

    I don’t know if our illustrious Preso’s lead in this Coalition fight will end it all before his term is up, but the enemies in question could be whittled down to just mere nubs by then for the next sitting President to broom stick the rest to oblivion!

    One way or another, the United Nations along with the US, Russia and Iran especially is not going to let the likes of these terrorizing crazed jihadist to just take over the absolute oil producing wealth of Iraq and any other Middle Eastern State for that matter! The only reason why ISIS/ISIL is still bouncing around like they are is because of the very poor and inexperienced leadership of our Commander In Chief, Barrack Hussein Obama.

    But the pressure is on full throttle for him to produce a decisive victory now due to the ongoing elections coming this fall between the Democrats and Republicans fighting for his Throne! If BO hands it over the Generals that have the experienced backgrounds in these matters of war, ISIL’s defeat is quite imminent!

    So Be It

  2. MIKE DISTON says:

    Creating a 50.000 dinar is not a positive for the RV but a negative Making such a large bill shows that if anything the dinar will become even more than the 1166 it is now

    • Rickis Clark says:

      Mike, I am not really understanding your take on why exactly the CBI created the 50,000 Dinar Note! My experience on existing World currencies with an unstable economy is to remain Conservative and by all means not add any new denomination currencies, especially being the largest of the Countries to date!

      I think there is a lot of Intel on the true economic condition of Iraq’s Capital, Baghdad that needs to be eventually shared to get a better look to make any viable and more decisive evaluations.

      Iraq does want to have an Independent currency and revalue one day to reenter into the Arab Community trade circuits but as I said before, the ISIS/ISIL jihad Caliphate and al Qaeda must be extracted entirely from their borders in order to achieve this long awaited goal.

      SO BE IT

  3. Jim says:

    Unfortunately, would-be investors get led astray by the dream of receiving a windfall of cash from some type of currency revaluation in the Dong, Dinar, Zimbabwean Dollar. Truth be told, all fiat currencies eventually return to their intrinsic value (zero). It’s hard to explain this stuff to folks whose strong desire to have quick wealth outweighs their ability to reason, but if you’re going to buy those currencies, they should be viewed as collectors’ items ONLY. That’s why I keep things very tongue-in-cheek on my site, and don’t push any promises of some magical lotto-style windfall as a result of buying Zim dollars. Great post, by the way.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      I was with you except for this: “all fiat currencies eventually return to their intrinsic value (zero).” What’s the intrinsic value of gold?

    • Julie says:

      Jim – – thanks for the info! My neighbor down the street was very secretive to “let me in” to this “opportunity” to buy $60.00 worth of Dong, open a Wells Fargo checking account and, probably by the end of the year, I will have one million dollars – only $600,000 net after the 40% capital gains tax. She told me I had until today, but I told her that I was not going to be able to make that happen and then she texted me and said – – “you may have till tomorrow morning.” Also told me to prepare to not be able to use any ATM’s credit cards, banks for a few days later this week because the banks will all be closed.
      Initially, I had a weird feeling about this whole thing—also sounds like it is based on fear…I will thank her for the wonderful opportunity, but let her know I need to pass at this time!
      Thanks again!!

  4. Dave says:

    There are lots of bad investments out there. I lost several thousand dollars a few years ago in a deal some of my friends got into who were, by the way, very successful business people. It had to do with someone who was trading in the stockmarket. It turned out to be a fraud. I lost a few thousand, but could stand it. Most of them went bankrupt or at the least devastated financially because they had put every dollar they could get their hands on to put into it.
    I do have some dinar. If nothing ever happens I can get about 80% back or if they come out with a new currency, I will probably have a limited time to turn the old currency into the new. In effect, I see the possible losses as minimal especially compared to previous deal that I got into. My friends wouldn’t spend a hundred dollars on the dinar, but spent 10’s of thousands on the stockmarket deal that bankrupted them. I realize there are a lot of overzealous people out there thinking its going to happen ‘this week’. But for a hundred bucks……I can spend that in a week eating out or save it by eating at home.

  5. Call me Skeptical says:

    A friend of mine was caught up in this (Dinar/Dong) via a friend of hers who recruited her. She has been ‘waiting’ now for over 9 months for a promised payout that defies understanding. Not surprisingly,there are no phone numbers to call… Massive amounts of personal information have been asked to be forwarded, more more more. ‘Funds” are supposedly “waiting in HKG”, soon to be distributed. Common sense has gone completely out the window. Those with gambling instincts take this hook line and sinker. The saddest part is my friend’s life has been ruled by the promise of this payout, which has created its own set of broken promises and very poor decisions, betting on the come. If this sounds familiar, please comment.

    • I Don't understand why scammers scam says:

      Yes! Our family has a member who has been working on this for years waiting for his investment to finally turn up . Dong and Dinar oh no – it’s not factual . Where is this coming from ?

  6. Christina Walker says:

    Thank you ever so true. I have just been asked to supply Zim 100 trillion dollar bills which will be bought for – wait for it – 160 million USD. each! The IMF will supply the funds. Jippee! Yeah! Any takers for 50 of these?

  7. Lynn Ruiz says:

    My mom has been brainwashed by her so called friends into buying probably all the( novelty ) money listed above and is patiently awaiting her day that she will be a multi Billionaire . We have tried to talk with her and show her this money will never be worth anything but a novelty price but she won’t believe us. She listens to this call in talk show that is run by a bunch of nut cases that has everyone listening to it drinking the Magic kool-aide . It’s really like a cult they tell the listeners to hold strong and wait explaining that some have waited years and that they she be patient and not give up hope. These people running the call in talk number need to be in Jail for fraud and the people pushing these lies need a good kick in the ass by reality.

  8. Kevin says:

    Thanks for this informative, accurate and true article.

    These currency deals are scams, reliable news sources all over support this view (NYT, WSJ, Forbes, Money, etc.), people have been convicted who have perpetrated these scams (;;; ) and any rational analysis of the economics involved will show they are impossible. Take Zimbabwe…millions and millions of the 100 Trillion bank notes were printed. If they all suddenly converted to even a fraction of a dollar of value, they would represent more currency value than exists in the whole world today by many orders of magnitude. These currency scams are all lies.

    My father has fallen prey to both the Dinar scam, to other currency scams that you mention, both the Zimbabwe dollar (demonstrably worthless), the Vietnamese Dong (steadily declining in value for a long time) and now Iranian rials as well as other, more complicated scams that people should be cautious about including historical bond sales, medium term notes and so-called ‘Commitment Holder’ scams’

    He was a regular listener to the TNT Tony conference call and other online ‘pumper’ channels and actually believed that ‘insider’ news was being presented, even though any comparison of the details described to actual reliable news sources could show they were incorrect.

    He connected with people on the Internet who convinced him to send them money or pay their bills, and in exchange they sent him currency or promised him a ‘cut’ or ‘percentage’ of big deals that they would finalize. In the most insane deal, he sent people money and convinced other connections to send money to some people who claimed to be holding Dinars on ‘layaway’. Elaborate contracts and other documents were drawn up, ‘Client Information Sheets’ and other documents were shared around along with copies of passports and other information. I have documents to back all of this up and have provided everything I have to the authorities. Justice will be served.

    Even worse, he found online sales websites, like the ‘Great American Coin Company’ who sell ‘collector’ packs of these currencies (at large markups vs. their value), while simultaneously putting in fine print that they are not aware of any expected reset of global currency values and they do not recommend investing in currencies without careful consideration. Simultaneously, companies like this are walking away to the bank with 300% and larger profit margins on selling these currencies and stealing money from predominantly elders and those not fully knowledgeable about how investing in currencies works.

    The scammers sent around promises of big payoffs when the ‘Global Currency Reset/Revaluation’ happened, with regular time-critical excitement kept the emotional roller coaster in full gear. Explanations for why the reset didn’t happen this week, were shared, with teasers about why it would happen in 2-3 weeks…keeping those who had invested ‘on the hook’ and willing to invest more. Then the next time around…guess what…it didn’t happen again, but they always have an excuse.

    Just before the end of 2016 the websites and the individuals he dealt with sent out exciting ‘news’ about transactions about to start and special ‘1-800’ numbers and ‘procedures’ that have to be followed to get your foreign currencies exchanged for huge payoffs. Guess what…it didn’t happen and it won’t happen. The whole Dinar/Dong/Zim/Rial global currency reset is a scam and very immoral and unethical people are stealing money from those least able to absorb losses with this fraud.

    Some of the people he has dealt with were convicted for past frauds, evicted from a residence when they tried to pay with Iraqi Dinars and continue to extract funds from him through promises of additional payoffs. If anyone deals with the any of the following people, take great caution, they are crooks and criminals and scammers and have been reported to and are being investigated by the FBI and other authorities: Joseph Keith Cruse, Rebecca Ruth Jones Cruse (currently in Tennessee, formerly of Vero Beach, Florida…their business address is a storefront similar to mailboxes etc. and their ‘suite number’ is really just a postoffice box in this photocopy and mail services store) and their fake companies ‘Gold Line Metals’, and ‘Knighthood Projects LLC’; Joyce Sarroino (aka Christina Ness) & Silvana Calmanti, (currently in a suburb of Montreal, Canada), whose ‘expertise’ is trading in so-called historical bonds, medium term notes, letters of credit, commitment holder scams and other similar known frauds; Linda Gulley Allen (currently of Molino, Florida) and her fake company Variety Marketing; and Michael Sean Reynolds, of Mission Viejo, CA, who claimed to be a movie producer and embezzled a ton of money from my father through coercion as well as being interested in profiting from the Dinar scam as well; Asako Yokomura, of California was also a fake bond fraudster, Marianne Secontine, hiding at a real estate company in Florida, and on and on and on…there are literally hundreds who have or tried to take advantage of my father, because once you open the door to one thief and believe in them, innumerable others show up as well. These people have all been reported to the authorities, are being investigated and have demonstrably shown themselves to be scammers, in total stealing more than $300,000 from my father over the past several years.

    Let me be perfectly clear, the so-called Global Currency Reset and all of the people on the Internet trying to profit from it are immoral, unethical and in some cases, illegal fraudsters. TNT Tony is now out of jail, having spent only one year in prison (rightfully so), for scamming millions from unsuspecting citizens hoping to better their financial position, in some cases, desperate to improve it due to health issues of their family members or themselves. Inside information from ‘the admirals group’ the ‘the white hats’, ‘dinares gurus’ and other sources are demonstrably lies. Be cautious, these people are trying to scam people.

    Even worse in my view are the companies who are making profits from this scam by selling and providing access to these currencies for ‘collecting’ are immoral and unethical as well, no matter how much money they donate to local charities (take note Gary Dyner & Steve Dyner, owners of Great American Coin Company, you have been delivered to multiple investigative journalists who are going to hound you until you stop your unethical business dealings) another similar dealer is Treasury Vault, LLC, operated by Angela L. Dorman, Roger N. Dorman and their lawyer Paul Lydolph III). These people are ripping of individuals by selling currency for ‘collecting purposes only’, which allows them to avoid legal restrictions on how they operate and what they charge people who buy currency from them. Be cautious!

    As our country ages and more and more seniors look to try and increase their nest eggs through risky investing opportunities, we all need to become more aware of and sensitive to scams like this and take action to protect the vulnerable in our society. Justice will succeed in the end. Report people who have taken advantage of you or who are promising extremely large payoffs…if it sounds too good to be true it is and someone is likely trying to take your money for their own benefit.

  9. Sarah says:

    My husband has bought a trillion dollar zimbawe note, and has been told he will be able to exchange it for a huge payout!! due to the Global Currency Reset, his friend told him about this, he is now receiving emails saying this is going to happen soon, he will have a number to ring and will be told to go to a military base to collect his money, he will have to bring his ID with him, I think this is such a big scam, my husband is not convinced it is because of his friend, who infact is a a little crazy!!! This is a scam.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      It’s a complete scam. Zimbabwe collected, destroyed, and replaced their currency years ago. I’ve got some of the old stuff. It’s a collectors’ item sold on eBay. There is no such thing as Global Currency Reset, Zimbabwe already “reset” its currency, and he is being scammed.

      • sarah says:

        Thanks Noah, I thought it had to be a scam, my husband is not convinced at all, along with his crazy friend, I hope they dont start looking for money or personal details, i wonder how far they take this scam. Thanks again Noah.

    • As ch says:

      Total scam!! Common people, really??? My dad has been brainwashed in this damn thing for years and it has destroyed our families unit. We all think he is a fruit loop. No common sense at all. Very sad we have no “normal” communication anymore. Everything he talks about is revolved around this. I can’t talk to him anymore

      • Sarah says:

        Hi As ch
        Total scam, my husband is still into it, but as improved a little, I was convinced he would go crazy, it is very hard to listen to and live with, don’t understand how people become so involved in this total scam, it changes people totally, sad about your dad.

        • mattie says:

          Anyone with an idea if FBI can be in a position to investigate arrest these SCAMMERS? If so, which are the best channels to report to FBI?

          • Noah Dillon says:

            If you go to the FBI’s website there are instructions for reporting fraud.

          • martin says:

            Good day, im not in cant report it. the IQD and other currencys are not the scam. its legal currency. but selling it are.for people are buying IQD, to do what with nothing , unless they want to go on holladay in Irak , i dont think so. only way is to gather more facts and post it on facebook, twitter etc.any ideas

          • mattie says:

            Isn’t it even people outside USA can also report to FBI?

          • martin says:

            Hi i think it depends on what country. fbi cant do anything In england, italu , zimbabwe. etc.

        • martin says:

          Good day .I had the same problem with the IQD, VND. etc after months of research, and phone calls to banks. i was a bit convinced that its a gave me sleepless knights and headache’s. Christians and the Eldarly get cought in it. Then the young ones. With this great believe there’s going to be a gcr rv. but, but then one phone call to A UK bank the lady who works with investmants, told me that i must do research, and the scamers know just how to twist the storie so it sounds, very legit. but its not . after she said sir, if there was a gcr going to happen we , as bankers asp investors side of things would have known this Far in advance. im actualy shocked what your telling me, and a rv gcr never heard of it. beware. of fraudsters.scamers.The I
          qD are not a scam selling it are. I contacted my broker who sold me the currency .gave him my piece of mind. and said pay me back. he did a cross exchange , i have recieved my funds 2 days ago. now im headache and sleepless nights free. its one big scam.

          • mattie says:

            Confirm you were paid. If so, kindly advise the concerned sellers as to what exactly you did in order to be paid.

          • Sarah says:

            Good day, It is certainly one big scam, my husband still believes it will happen one day!!!! just recently on one of the post the it said the RV is nearly ready! (again) for this to happen the Cabel (ie. Clintons, the secret government, ect ect) have to be gone!! they call themselves light workers, they are saving mankind. I do believe there is 1000’s of people convinced this is going to happen.

          • James Johnson says:

            Not scam bad investment, but Dinar will RV

          • Noah Dillon says:

            The government of Iraq has been at or near collapse into civil war since 2003. Parts of the country are slowly being retaken from ISIS. There’s an emboldened Kurdish separatist movement. Their economy is a mess. Countries’ currencies slowly gain value; they don’t magically revalue. No country’s currency can do much of anything under these kinds of conditions. This was written in 2015 and little has changed for the better in this time. Anyone telling you otherwise is scamming you.

  10. Kelli says:

    Has anyone yet dealt with the ‘crash’ your parent(s) go/went through when finally they realize this is a scam? My mom, while awaiting the 1-800 number so she can go meet them at the military base, has chosen a house in a different state, picked furniture and paint color for all the rooms, and is planning the garden in the backyard. This is not that bad, however she is calling and emailing the real estate agent quite a bit, looking into giving a small down-payment to hold the house until her trillions arrive, and is thinking about taking a flight to meet with city planners on making modifications to the place she’s going to purchase – with her trillions – here Very Soon.

    She also, on her very tight budget, went and purchased a cell phone plan. When I asked her if she signed a contract she told me she ‘signed some papers’ but not sure what they were for.
    NOTE: She needed a cell phone to get an Uber after the 800# was published.. AND… after they meet her she needs to have a cell phone so they can make sure she gets home safe afterward.

    I’ve never flinched at things my mom purchases, but this time around I’m (literally) yelling at her sometimes (well, twice I’ve yelled in the last six months) – I hate to see her buying into such a scam.

    She’s in her 70’s, extremely alone, and the only good I see from this is the amount of ‘hope’ she has gained. Moms senses and abilities are still in tact and I feel quite confident she’ll soon see thru this blatant lie, yet I will hate to see her hopes crushed.

    Curious to hear if others have a parent/child/sibling/friend come to realize they really won’t be trillion-aires and what happened with their life and hopes afterwards.

    • danisantiagodiaz says:

      The same happens when they join The Way, basically any type of money-requiring sect

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Keli

      It does sound similar, my husband is involved in the same scam, hes still waiting for the 1800 numbers, I don’t think he has signed anything as yet, its always happening, then theres another reason why it hasn’t, mainly to do with the Amercian government!! theres aliens involved too apparently, trying to make this happen it has taken over his life, his personality has changed, its pretty sad really.

      I have spent so many times arguing with him, trying to convince him this is not real, but he doesn’t believe me.

  11. Peter says:

    A very close (and shockingly well-educated) friend has gotten sucked up into this for YEARS now and still won’t let it go. I even bought $40 of Zimbabwean dollars to show her that I was not against her and to prove a point—that nothing was going to happen.

    She believes that there will be this huge RV and she will be a trillionaire (yes, trillion) no doubt because she has sunk in her entire inheritance in this and at 63 yrs this is all she has for her future. She was the first to tell me about “Pizzagate” as if it were a fact.

    Like evangelical christians who respond to anything that does not fit their belief system “the Devil is clever” when you point out to her OBVIOUS facts, her response is this patronizing “that’s what they want you to think.” She said Trump would win the election. (Partially because Hillary was a Lizard person–not making this up). I thought she was nuts (and it is). Now look who’s in the White House. This only reinforced her InfoWars conspiracy theories. So I think this group is riding the wave of the Russian misinformation campaign and really leveraging the questioning of the US government and media. Now she is making a living doing something (not a job) and I’m worried she has been pulled into helping promote this scam.

    I still have the Zimbabwean dollars, so still a trillionaire here. [eye roll]

  12. Sarah says:

    My husband has been involved for a few months now, he is now into big conspiracy theories, he is still convinced this is real and has been told he will receive 3 trillion dollars. They haven’t asked for any information or money as yet, he also has been told he is one of the chosen ones who is going to help mankind with this money, apparently when this does happen there is going to be disclosure in aliens. He will be sent off to help with projects to save the planet. My husband is a intelligent man, I cant believe he has fallen for this. My husband is patronizing when I asked him questions about it, I do worry how far these people are going to take this. It has taken over his life.

  13. Robert says:

    I bought 200 trill zims in 100 bill notes….30.00 total. Great for a gag gift for Christmas…

  14. Ken Meyer says:

    My neighbor (we live in the Los Angeles area) told me that she has been investing in Zimbabwe currency for the past several years. She claims that she is sworn to secrecy. Consequently, I don’t have a lot of details, but my understanding of the information she mentioned includes the following: The Chinese government is buying up large amounts of Zimbabwe currency. The size of her investment group is probably about 5 people. One member of her group is a man that she has known for many years. She believes that upwards of a million people in the United States have invested in Zimbabwe currency and are about to become wealthy. Many congressional members are reportedly also involved as investors in Zimbabwe currency and when her group participates in telephone conference calls, the calls have included a member of Congress (or con) who has a southern accent. Her group is in the process of receiving a payout for the sale/exchange of their Zimbabwe currency… the transaction will begin today and she will receive her payout on the 28th of June. She believes that the value of her investment is many hundreds of thousands of dollars… and her plan is to buy a house.

    At the end of last month she pleaded with me to loan her $2,500 to pay her rent… she promised to repay me in two weeks when she received her Zimbabwe currency cashout. As that deadline approached she said that she had miscalculated and that her money wouldn’t be in her hands until June 28… and, I said OK. Then, yesterday she said that I didn’t have a written loan agreement with her, so she was planning to pay me back $100 a month and wasn’t going to pay interest Isn’t she a sweetheart? When I pointed out to her that would take almost two years (I’m 79 years old and I may not live that long) an argument ensued and she finally agreed to repay me in three months and with interest of $25 a month (that made me feel that I too was about to become wealthy). Of course I was beaming because I could tell that I was dealing with a truly honorable person.

    So…. when the 28th comes and goes what do you think my neighbor will say to me?

    Uh huh….. the best answer is surely worth a 10 trillion Zimbabwe banknote? Will someone donate one as a prize? (OMG! A contest like this could cause a run on 10 trillion Zimbabwe banknotes.)

    • Kevin says:


      Your neighbor is a victim of the same scam my father fell into…the details are talked about secretly, special 1-800 phone numbers will be handed out when the currency reset begins etc. If you care about your neighbor stop loaning her money and do everything you can to get her out of this fraud. Lots of good information is available showing it is all nonsense.

      Best of luck!


  15. Erick says:

    My mother has fallen for the same scam and won’t believe me and these people make one story over another one telling her that the payoff is happening anytime soon.
    I have use the link to report to the FBI this issue and name of the person dealing with her.
    I wonder if anyone knows of any outcome of this scam, whatever happened to the people who felt for it?
    I don’t think she has given any money to them, but I’m worry because they are telling her that she needs to travel to Reno to a military base to close the deal and receive her payout. What could happen?
    Also, is the FBI doing anything about it? are they going to track these people if I give them their information?

    • Kevin says:

      I reported two of the scammers who stole money from my father to the FBI and they were investigated, both in the state where my father lives and in the state where they are living. The investigation where my father is living resulted in a prosecution request to the local prosecutor, but because the DA did not believe my father would testify against the scammers, they did not move ahead on the case. This was before they stole $100k from him however. I am in communication with the FBI and they may reopen the case. In the home state of the scammers, the investigation is ongoing and could result in prosecution because they have stolen from others there. I will continue to work with law enforcement to see these people punished for their crimes.

      You should communicate directly with the FBI as well as submitting information online…a phone call can make all the difference.

      • mattie says:

        Kindly provide the contacts of FBI. It’s best to report these SCAMMERS to FBI to prevent people from being swindled their hard earned cash.

    • Sarah says:

      Im not sure on the outcome of this scam, it is a worry, every month my husband informs me the money is on its way, he listens to a radio station TNT in Amercia, big conspiracy theories, big scammers. He receives emails informing him on what to do when he receives the numbers, never happens, he has changed, he thinks he is going to change the planet!!
      It sounds like the same Scam, nothing about Reno yet, only the military base, they are destroying families.

  16. Sarah says:

    Hi Kevin

    Thankyou for the links, I have seen the information on Tony Renfrow, my husband is so brain washed with it, he doesn’t even bother looking at the information on Tony Renfrow, he is broadcasting that the Currency reset is def happening, its just a matter of time, big scam. My husband has only spent a few hundred dollars upto now, and bought the Zimbawee currency on ebay. Apparently every thing in the world has to be perfect for the currency reset to happen, and its always happening and always an excuse why it isn’t happening. Thanks again for the links.

  17. Sarah says:

    I have had another look at the above link on tony Renfrow, also Yosef is mentioned and Bruce Dawson (The Big Call). My husband listens to Bruce and Yosef, Bruce is always promising the money will come soon, its just a matter of time, he talks about the Chinese Elders and Aliens helping this happen!!!! Yosef puts post on a website called Intel and talks about the Cabal trying to stop the RV from happening, this is one big scam,they are on you tube talking about this too, they all worked together it is so obvious.

    I showed my husband again and ask him to read all the information on them, but still doesn’t believe, he is def brainwashed by these guys. They need locking up.

    Every day he reads all the posts, they are destroying peoples lifes.

  18. Bruce Holland Rogers says:

    I, too, would be very interested in any accounts of what it’s like if and when someone stops believing that their currency is going to revalue one day.

    I have bought and sold Zimbabwe banknotes since 2009, when I thought they would be a great collectible and novelty gift. I’ve had an accidental front-row view of the Global Currency Reset scam as a result.

    I have actually tried to talk people out of buying large quantities of Zimbabwe notes from me, and the best I have been able to manage is getting buyers to agree that they shouldn’t “bet the farm.” The belief in the GCR is very strong, and it’s not just scammers who maintain it. I think that now quite a few people who promote “investments” in these currencies may themselves be true believers. The scam hardly looks like a coordinated conspiracy. Rather, there are different flavors of the myth, some that are aimed at Christians, some that are aimed at conspiracy-believing conservatives, some that are aimed at New Agers who believe space aliens will save humanity from itself.

    I am beginning to think that those who believe are not going to stop believing, not to the point where they would sell back the currency they have accumulated. Once a belief develops into something akin to a religious conviction, even sharp shocks of reality end up being interpreted as support for the belief.

    I used to think that the prices for the Zimbabwe banknotes would fall substantially as some buyers turned into sellers, but buyers just seem to become hoarders. Prices rise and fall a little, but the trend has been for them to keep rising, with a few exceptions. (The Z$500-million rocketed up in price for one year as a peculiar version of the myth circulated that made it the note that would convert into the most US dollars. That idea seems to have faded, and the price returned to earth, but that wasn’t a matter of people ceasing to believe the whole myth.)

    One of the biggest scam promoters, Sterling Currency Group, was raided by the FBI and shut down. The officers of Sterling Currency Group have been indicted for fraud and money laundering. There is evidence that they paid for a pumper whose job was to publicize belief in a huge revaluation. But the collapse of Sterling did not dampen the enthusiasm of a man who was trying to buy Zimbabwe dollars from me at the time. He was willing to believe that Sterling might have been up to no good, but that didn’t mean that the RV itself wasn’t real.

    What I now expect is that those who hold these various currencies will continue to believe, for the rest of their lives, that the RV is going to happen… one day. They may stop listening to every conference call. Some of the conference calls may go out of existence. But believers will continue to hold on to their currencies, just in case.

    I don’t think these hoards of currency are going to return to the market until it happens through estate sales.

    I would like to be proved wrong. If any of you hear of someone who used to believe in the RV but who no longer owns any dinar, dong, zim dollars, or rial, I’d like to hear about it!

    • EagleTec says:

      I understand Redemption Buyers started releasing payment for Zimbabwe Trillion Notes around mid October 2017. It is said some sellers are receiving Quintillions whilst others are receiving Millions and Billions for their sales. Can somebody confirm if this is true or not.

    • EagleTec says:

      Hi Bruce

      How much does your man pay for a 100 Trilion Zimbabwean Note?

      • Bruce Holland Rogers says:

        If you’re asking what the guy who had an account with Sterling Currency, he bought Zims from me at $36 to $40 for an uncirculated Z$100-trillion note. (They now sell for $60 or $70, so he could sell for a profit. I doubt he will, as he expects a much bigger payout one day.)

  19. Brains says:

    And you are believing a Rothschild article?

  20. Joe says:

    Anyone heard or had any experience of Ancient Chinese railway bonds that are supposed to be moneterized? Seems that this is a similar scam also. Its been on going for about 6 years with the same old excuses…… the government, the climate, the economy…… blah blah! My husband and a couple friends have fallen for this and are convinced its gonna happen!! Driving me insane! Keep telling them its a pack of lies. does any one out there have any info about this?

    • Sarah says:

      H Joe
      I haven’t heard of that one, these Scams are shocking, my husband is driving me insane too, its nearly a year now and still believing, its always happening, never does, because it never will. Constantly have to listen about government, were being controlled, aliens, climate, list goes on, some of it is prob correct, the sad thing is it takes over there lives and destroys families.

  21. VictoriaHokulani says:

    Thank you for all this information. My intelligent but debt ridden niece has fallen for this scam. The Admiral group is running this one. She bought several 100Trillion notes from Great American Coin Company. Everything mentioned above including reams of information required, setting up offshore accounts, trust accounts, etc, etc. This scam is deep. These “investors” do ZERO research and believe their “reliable” sources. And secrecy is key. My niece is waiting for the private jet to take her to an Oahu military base next week for the exchange. I’m too scared to ask if she gave her ssn and birth certificate to this “group”. She had me listen to a conference call last week that was lead by a black man (of course I didn’t see him but clearly he spoke with an ebonic dialect) claiming to have a doctorate in finance. When he said “aks” instead of “ask” I knew immediately something wasn’t jiving.
    My intuition tells me to let my niece find out the hard way how deep she is into this scam. I KNOW she won’t believe me as she is so caught up in the dream of instant unimaginable wealth. When the jet fails to pick her up in a few months then maybe I will break the truth to her gently. Apparently the “group” shes in claims that Robert Kiyosaki (RichDad-Poor Dad) and Donald tRump know all about this and are actively involved in making this currency revalued and remonetized.

    • Slazy says:

      I’ve been hearing the same nonsense for 2 months now. I have no idea what they are gaining by doing this other than people buying this currency from the websites that sell them. Any idea?

      • Bruce Holland Rogers says:

        There are several angles that the scammers are working, although I don’t have a clear picture of how all of these approaches work. The angle that I understand the least is that there is apparently a way that the conference calls result in money being paid to the host when people call in to ask questions or simply to listen in, but it’s not an obvious scheme like a 900-number.

        The second angle is direct donations. Almost every guru makes a pitch about how they are rendering this service on their own dime, and they need contributions to keep the lights on.

        There are rumored kickbacks to the show hosts by some banknote sellers, but note that a lot of dealers have been in the legitimate business of selling to collectors and have been surprised by this market and its prices. Not everyone selling banknotes is contributing in any way to the scam, and a few of us actively warn off buyers who buy lots of notes, which is not the typical behavior of an actual collector.

        Some scammers are selling legitimate services under false pretenses, such as the people who will help set up trust accounts for the supposed riches to come. It costs something to set up such an account. I assume that the service does set up a perfectly legal account, but there won’t ever be a windfall to put into said account.

        At least one scammer operates a bit like Alex Jones in InfoWars, selling health products of questionable effectiveness at inflated prices, again under the banner of “this helps us keep the lights on.”

        At the same time, I think that some of these “news outlets,” whether blogs or conference calls or mailing lists, are run by true believers who have turned their obsession into a full-time job of providing their own analysis of why the RV hasn’t happened yet and when it will.

        The ecology of the Global Currency Reset is vast and arguable self-sustaining for years to come. As I’ve said before, I think all of the banknotes that go into the holdings of the true believers will not come back into the collectibles market until it happens in estate sales. For the Zimbabwe currency in particular (since no one is making more of those banknotes, as opposed to the still-circulating currencies), this may mean rising prices for years to come as the dealer supply is gradually exhausted.

  22. sarah says:

    Hi Victoria
    Wow there is def a lot currency scams out there, there all the same, my husband is really deep into this, when her plane doesnt arrive, there will be some ridicolous excuse, there is always is. In a couple of months the plane will be arriving again and again and again, but never will.

    My husband llistens to conference calls, convinced the Cabel, CIA, FBI, Donald Trump are all involved trying to stop the currency exchange, the sad thing is, these scams bring other conspiracy stories, deep ones. It changes there personality which is sad, my husband doesnt really want to work anymore, he thinks we are just slaves, he talks about the money , how he is going to save the planet, along with heaps of others, its destroyed his life really. The latest thing is the CIA are teleporting themselves to the Moon, seriously!!! Just beaware this is just the beginning with these scams, people become so involved, its hard for them to stop listening, reading and believing.

  23. Ralph Erhardt says:

    I was gifted with 5 zims of 500 million value each,being told I would be able to exchange them for a much much more higher rate and make me an instant billionaire. I followed the many radio programs, I looked at the Intel postings, all promising we are almost there, but there was this delay, that delay, this extension, ect, ect, ect,. I have been waiting for over a year and a half and still not been even close to an exchange in a bank. Finally, in despaeration, I took my zims to all these banks that was mentioned on the intel, guess what ? None of them would touch the zims ! I was told they would not and cannot do an exchange because they are from oil producing countries.every bank in my city pretty much told me the same story. The dinar was another one with the same story. I’m nearly broke, waiting on something that looks like it will never be. I am only on SS, 74 yrs old, bills to pay and was told I was going to become rich enough to get out of debt and be debt free . Ha ! I guess the joke is on me folks ! My advice is to not invest in this worthless idea of getting rich scam. I guess the only peace I have about all this is that I was gifted into all this. I never invested into it. The banks mentioned in the Intel reports have never heard of the GCR RV . NOR HAVE THEY EVEN SEEN OR HEARD OF THE NEW CURRENCY COMEING OUT. IT’S A WORTHLESS PIPE DREAM !! Any ways, folks, hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! God bless !!

    • martin says:

      Hi , zimbabwe do have new notes the trillion ets has fallen away. They are mining now for gold. You can read marcus curtis book on kindel about the would have been better of buying gold.or do a cours in online trading.and just trade wise.but im not a expert .im reading books about the scam , just because im scamed to.Ask your broker you want to sell it back you have someone that wants to buy it from you for $60000 per one trillion zim doller.see whats his response. This is a triangular scheme you put money in they get more investors when they have 600 plus investors you get your money minus handling fees and comission etc. I believe its a scam .and its been going on sinse world war 2 and gulf war. good luck. im battling to.

  24. Tony says:

    If there’s nothing going on then why is the Zimbabwe on American Coin Company going up to $281 a note

    • Noah Dillon says:

      They’re collectibles. The Zimbabwean government has tried to get rid of using those notes and replace them with other currencies. There was a time in which they seized as much as they could and small amounts were sneaked out of the country and sold to collectors on eBay. That’s why I overpaid for the Zimbabwean currency in 2008. I paid way more than its face value. It has only gotten more worthless for buying stuff and more valuable to collectors.

      Think about collectible stamps: you can’t mail or buy anything with a rare 5¢ stamp, but you can buy or sell that 5¢ stamp for hundreds of dollars. And there is no chance that the 5¢ stamp will suddenly become more valuable. Make sense?

    • Bruce Holland Rogers says:

      Noah is right that supply and demand determine the prices and that there is a market for Zimbabwe notes as a collectible. But the collectible market is also distorted by all the Global Currency Reset believers who buy up Zim and will never sell them at any price short of the fortune they are expecting to make.

      Many dealers have sold out, so the supply is in the hands of a relatively small number of sellers. With buyers who take price increases as evidence that the notes will be worth millions one day, the dwindling supply and rising prices only make the notes more attractive to those buyers.

    • Kevin says:

      They are going up because the people selling them know that people believe something that is not real and they are greedy scum suckers. The people who own Great American Coin Company are raking in millions of dollars a year on the back of all the poor people sending them money. My father spent more than $5000 before I got custodianship of his finances. All of that money is wasted.

      The owners names are Gary and Steve Dyner. Although they are not breaking the law, because importantly they are selling the Zimbabwe notes as collectibles, not currency, they are deeply unethical in their business practices. They are directly taking advantage of poor people all over buying their ‘collector packs’. Why in the world would someone need more than one or two of these goofy $100 Trillion Zimbabwe dollar notes? They don’t, unless they have been lied to and led to believe that the currency will revalue…

      I call on Gary and Steve Dyner to stop this unethical sales practice…I am working with an investigative reporter in California to get the whole scam written up and pull back the veil on the Dyner’s immoral business practices.

  25. martin says:

    Hi We have a broke that claims that the IQD, zim doller, and Dong will revalue .This is a defnit 100%. But things dont make sense. Biblical contents are mentioned with the golden statue. Is there someone that can positively say yes its a scam no rv for iqd etc. This is starting to confuse and erratate me. pls help

    • Noah Dillon says:

      It’s a scam. Absolutely 100%.

      • martin says:

        Hi Thanks for reply.The broker who sold me the Currency sold me dong and zim dollers .He ga e me $30000 for each trilion zim note 2008.This does not add up.The zim doller or the $30000 travelled around the world.To luxemburg and then here and there. now its in a escrow account in uk barclays. That i dont believe. There was to many false stories about why i need to wait.This is almost 1 year later. and every excuse is .this is much bigger than we expect.its got to do with truimp and docume ts to be sighned and dubbel dipping.etc its like copy and paste.From these so called gurus. How i think it works is .that they get first group of investors tell them a story. ets the second groupe of investors gets told the same crap.Then the first group gets told that they are in a basket. and there money goes in at that time to luxembourg or the buyer in china.same with other investors. seems thats how they make there money. ones they have set money first group gets payed out. and so on as the first group are told to invest set amount in gold or platinuim. sounds like a piramid scheme.Still dont have hard facts that its a scam. if so why are the usa and other countrys warning people about it. and have a site where you can report the scam.More clarity

        • matie says:

          Kindly clarify:
          Were paid $30000 for each trilion zim note 2008 or you are still waiting for payment.

        • Bruce Holland Rogers says:

          When the FBI raided and shut down Sterling Currency Group, the Bureau issued a warning about currency scams, but the gurus managed to spin this into more evidence that the RV was about to happen. There are warnings, but the conspiracy theories and myths spread much faster than the truth.

          I just googled “investment scams,” and one of the top items returned was this list of common scams. “Currency scams” is number five on the list of top ten scams, so there is general awareness that this is one of the classes of investment that one should be leery of.

          Here are the details of the indictment of Sterling Currency Group. Allegedly, the owners of the dinar-selling business were paying a guru to pump the currency.

          • martin says:

            Hi, Why would the zim currency travel to luxembourg and all over to end up in china ets. The broker was asked about this. There was things like dubbel dipping , money londering ets.Now we are told that, in a week next monday.The 15 th of april we will know about the money. dont know if its a updateor if we were going to recieve it.sgill confused.

          • Noah Dillon says:

            That sounds like a really convoluted story and a scam. You should not spend any more money on this.

          • martin says:

            Hi. thanks for im not spending a cent more. i bought some a year and 4 years back.But still, the broker says this is true theres a rv going to happen.If i show him links i found about the scam .he says. its published in 2010 or 2012. this is 2018. And nothing about a scam are mentioned in 2018 or 2017.all he says is its going to happenn and i have no proof or evidance its a scam.

          • martin says:

            Good day , do you have any links for 2018 regarding the scam.If any new developments , regarding the scam.

          • martin says:

            Hi, aparrently, were going to recieve our money this week. how they managed that i dont know.Seems currency’s are now gold rv was not a scam.

          • matie says:

            Why not ask for contact details of the paymaster/s & verify accordingly?

          • martin says:

            He wont give it, and if so he wil mosprobably ask them to confirm it.

          • martin says:

            Hi It seems its the zim doller / The onetrillion notes that we would recieve the $30000 per note.This is almost a year later. maybe they sold the zim as collectors for much more to collectors.

          • Bruce Holland Rogers says:

            The RV has always been about to happen this week or the next. Year after year, the RV is always a month away, or a week away, or happening Tuesday (Thursday for sure). And certain people with a privileged position in line have supposedly been able to exchange already. The scammers keep hope alive a few days at a time, and can do that a few days at a time for as long as it takes.

          • matie says:

            How best can one recover his notes from the scammers?

          • martin says:

            Hi , dont know whats happening.but apparently, our funds are released to boc barclays uk.dont know what the hold up is . waiting apparrantly for release to brokers account uk.Dont know what to think anymore. everytime theres been said we are one step closer. this was the 9 th of april its now the 19 th of april. still nothing. no zim money released.

          • Noah Dillon says:

            It sounds like a scam. Often scammers will keep telling stories about how the promised payoff is just around the corner, you just need to wait a little longer, and then when it doesn’t come, there’s another story, lots of waiting, always closer but never there, etc.

            If you don’t know what’s going on, I’ll tell you: this revaluation thing is a scam. That’s not how currencies work. Don’t give those people any money or any more of your time. You can call Barclay’s yourself and they will tell you the same thing. Do not ever trust anyone telling you that you can get rich quickly through tricks. Those people are scammers. Always. Do not give them your money.

          • martin says:

            Hi yes i have read more books regarding scam now its .seems it is. broker keeps telling stories .this andvthat then we just need to wait it out. but were close anytime now , youl recieve your $30000 for your 1 trillion zim notes. that notes are collectabels now. Cant use them to trade or a currency. They are not in curculation anymore.theyv been taken away .zim has new notes.Im not buying anhmore of these notes.thanks for feedback.

    • Bruce Holland Rogers says:

      Any broker who claims that the Zim will revalue is a dealer in fairy dust. And the revaluation claims for other currencies are way, way beyond the sphere of possible fluctuations in the value of dinar or rial or bolivar or pick-your-inflated-currency.

      There have been occasions when the value of a currency has changed greatly in a short time, as when an enemy takes over a country and there’s no longer a government backing the money, or when the invader is thrown out and the government backing the money is restored. This is what happened when the Kuwaiti dinar crashed in value (Iraq had invaded) and then soared back to where it had been (Iraqi forces were forced out).

      This is an exceedingly rare situation, and not at all like the situation with the Iraqi dinar. There is no currency that has lost it government backing that can be restored to its former value by the return of that government.

      While there have been ruptures that have caused a currency to be valued very differently overnight, there has never been anything like the rumored “Global Currency Reset,” and there is no institution that could enforce such a global revaluation. Most currencies trade on open markets, and there’s no central authority that determines what the relative value of currencies will be. Rather, exchange rates are ultimately set by supply and demand.

      All of the currencies that are mentioned in revaluation stories are currencies that have been weakened by inflation, and for people used to being able to buy a very nice dinner for two for 100 units or 200 units of their own currency can sometimes find themselves a little fascinated by a banknote denominated in tens of thousands or even millions. But a banknote that can buy you a nice dinner for two is just a note worth dinner whether it’s 100 euro or 500,000 dinar. I think we all understand this, but there’s something about notes with big numbers that makes some of us a little too willing to contemplate the fantasy that the note with 500,000 printed on it ought to be enough to buy a house.

      The Global Currency Reset is a myth. The Iraqi dinar in particular isn’t traded on currency exchanges, so the only way for dealers to get it is to undertake trips to Iraq to acquire it, or to send their agents to do so. That’s an expensive proposition. The prices they charge for the dinar that they have brought back to the US have to reflect the high cost of doing such business, so the rate that they sell at is already greatly inflated above the rate that they paid. While it’s possible that the dinar might fluctuate in value, it’s unlikely to gain enough value to catch up to the high price that people outside of the country have to pay for the currency.

      I deal in collectible banknotes, and I can’t tell which of my buyers buys, say, Zimbabwe banknotes for a collection, and which buy those notes as a Global Currency Reset “investment.” Supply and demand sets the price. But the price for high-denomination Zimbabwe notes is in the stratosphere, and it’s not rarity that has sent the prices so high. It’s the myth of revaluation.

      For Zimbabwe notes, the third dollar that comes in denominations like 10- 20- 50- and 100-trillion has been completely demonetized. It can’t “reset” because it has officially and in every sense gone to zero.

      When I have identified GCR buyers among my customers, I have tried to show them that there will be no profitable revaluation of the Zimbabwe dollar. I have rarely changed anyone’s mind. The gurus who talk up the myth of revaluation have been so good at convincing people that some gurus now are themselves drawn from the ranks of true believers.

      The prices of Zimbabwe banknotes in particular have soared. I still sell them, but my advice to anyone who was buying them as anything as a novelty would be to stay far away.

      The price of Zimbabwe notes has kept rising year by year, but that’s because there are fewer and fewer dealers left with any to sell, and people who have bought them already in the belief that they will re-value just take the rising price as a sign that they were a good investment. (Ironically, so far they have been.)

      I confess to being very curious about when the price of these notes will fall back to earth. What would convince people who hold them to sell? A 100-trillion note has value as a novelty, but what would anyone pay for such a novelty? Six dollars? Ten? Twenty, at most? I was astonished when they changed hands for twenty US dollars. Now they sell for a hundred US dollars.

      • martin says:

        Hi , thanks for reply.Im starting to get the bigger helps a lot. but these brokers has a answer for every Question and very convincing regarding A big + That the IQD wil revalue same as dong and indian rupy with zim doller.
        my Question are, how do, or what question can i ask my broker, to get him warryd. or what can i do regarding this investment according to him , a attorney gave $30000 for One trillion zim said went around the world.ended up at barclays in a escrow account.
        So my Question are why cant we get payed.its there its cleared. Everything said makes sense.but stil not 100% convinced. thanks a million, are there links i can click on and read that will show me this is a scam.Why dont countrys put a complete stop to this .is the imf correct by a rv .Thanks a lot. for feedback. there are hundreds of people in our group thats in on waiting almost 5 years now.

        • graham says:

          Just the fact it has been 5 YEARS should convince you that this will never happen. The big question is why the scammers are dragging this out. My suspicion is that that sell you the currency and then someone else from their team convinces you to send them in as a package to be moneterized. They then have the currency back to resell to some other victim and they repeat the process. God knows how many times the same notes have been sold and then collected and then sold and collected and so on! Meanwhile we are all sitting like bumps on a log waiting to be paid out for notes that we will never see again and have been sold multiple times. Its theft, fraud, scam but what ever it is, NO ONE is gonna get rich.

      • martin says:

        Hi, are there a app that i can download where. theres been discussions regarding this matter of the iqd scam.How do brokers make there money.Well i have bought iqd but told they have it. its not allowed in the country. i cant have it in my posession i wil be arrested.only thingbis a certificate.dont understand why can i havenew zealand doller zim doller us doller australian doller. is it eligal to have this currency iqd. and the reason.also dong.whats the reason for the global currency reset. is it to bring the irak and vietnam to a level same as us doller. so the country can there economy. seems you need a masters in this.thanks. awaiting reply.

        • Bruce Holland Rogers says:

          It is not illegal to hold Iraqi dinar in the U.S.A. You can buy all the dinar you want on eBay or from collectible banknote dealers, but since the dinar isn’t widely exchanged anywhere but in Iraq, you will pay much more than the actual exchange rate.

          • martin says:

            Good day , yes he has explained it , that its illegal in S.A to. but dont know how they would be doing any exchange , even when or if a rv happens. his statemant .he believes as intel galaxic tnt gurus says. so his ststemant there will be a rv.he keeps sending and assuring that there will be a global currency reset. does 25000 IQD still excist. or has there notes changed same as zim doller. Seems everything has to do with gold back and fiat currency. thats why there will be a rv.

          • Bruce Holland Rogers says:

            Here’s a pretty good indication that all talk of a revaluation is a scam. The FBI is asking people who have been convinced to buy dinar, dong, rupiah or other foreign currency to tell the FBI about their experience and help build the case against the scammers.


          • martin says:

            Hi , so the irak dinar any note are not exchangable. and the Dong.I think regarding the zim 2008 note, are mostprobably sold to overseas clients , with there understanding if they invest $50000 in one note in 10 years they will recieve twice that for the note. dont know.but i still have nothing to scare him.i have visited his web site about a year ago and yesterday again just says coming soon.i still want to hit him with real facts and that i dont have As investors we still have not recieved news regarding the money that they say is at the paymaster, and when it normally happens 5 days later he says that he had recieved the go ahead to do payments The same day he send the first message 5 days ago. but now its bigger than we someone has to sighn a document ets. im sick of this shit.

  26. John Hastings says:

    Wait a minute, Martin. You sent your bank coordinates to a paymaster you have NO information on???? Why would you do that? Secondary scam, identity theft.

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