Richard Nixon, Jackie Gleason and Some Dead Aliens

It was a warm night in Florida on February 19, 1973. Two friends had spent part of the day playing golf and chatting about their mutual interests, not unusual behavior for friends to engage in. But these weren’t your usual friends. They were President Richard Nixon and legendary actor and entertainer Jackie Gleason. And the mutual interests they were discussing were UFO’s, a longtime Gleason fascination.

Gleason and President Nixon were close, as Gleason had been a staunch supporter of the Nixon campaign. But no small talk at a rubber chicken fundraising dinner could prepare “the Great One” for that night, when President Nixon suddenly showed up at midnight at Gleason’s front door in Key Biscayne. The President had ditched the Secret Service and was alone. And he wasn’t there to simply chat about aliens, but to reveal them.

Nixon and Gleason drove through the night and arrived at Homestead Air Force Base, 35 miles southwest of Miami. After entering the base, Nixon drove to a heavily-guarded building at the far end of the compound. They walked into the facility and what happened next was so shocking that only Gleason’s words can do it justice:

There were a number of labs we passed through first before we entered a section where Nixon pointed out what he said was the wreckage from a flying saucer, enclosed in several large cases. Next, we went into an inner chamber and there were six or eight of what looked like glass-topped Coke freezers. Inside them were the mangled remains of what I took to be children.

The revelation of the US secretly holding the corpses of dead aliens shook Gleason to the core, and he couldn’t eat or sleep for weeks. After being confronted by his wife, Beverly, Gleason told her the truth about that night and swore her to secrecy. But Jackie and Beverly Gleason were already in the process of separating. The final straw in the relationship would be Beverly breaking her vow and revealing the encounter to the magazine Esquire in 1974, as a teaser for a book she was writing about her relationship with the tempestuous, hard-drinking Jackie.

Richard Nixon and Jackie Gleason awkwardly play golf

Richard Nixon and Jackie Gleason awkwardly play golf

Stung and humiliated by the betrayal, Jackie stayed silent until 1986. Finally ready to talk, he invited Larry Warren, a flying saucer evangelist, author and eye-witness to the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, to his New York home. After a few drinks, Gleason unloaded the whole unbelievable tale onto an astonished Warren, who spread the story among his community.

However, the story would end there. Gleason died a year later, having only told his ex-wife and Warren about the once-in-a-lifetime adventure with Nixon. The tale would spread like wildfire with the advent of the internet, confirming what UFO believers already knew: the government knows everything about aliens, but reveal it only to the privileged few.

Of course, because this is the blog of Skeptoid, and not Believe Everything You Read on the Internetoid, the story doesn’t end there. In fact, there really is no story. The Richard Nixon/Jackie Gleason/Dead Alien Children in a Glass Case tale, now an accepted part of internet UFO lore, is based almost entirely on hearsay, coincidence and imagination. And not just the Dead Alien Children in a Glass Case part.

As critical thinkers, we can’t just dismiss a story out of hand because it’s preposterous. But we can dismiss a story if the facts don’t fit together. So let’s start with the established facts: Richard Nixon, Jackie Gleason, Beverly Gleason and Larry Warren are all real people. Beverly and Jackie Gleason really were married, and got divorced in 1974 or 1975. Jackie and Richard Nixon were friends and played golf on a few occasions. Jackie was an enthusiast about paranormal topics, with a huge collection of books on the subject. Florida is a real place, as is Homestead Air Force Base. Esquire is a real magazine.

That’s about it.

A little investigation into Nixon’s daily diary (freely available on the Nixon Library website) reveals that Nixon was in Key Biscayne on February 19, 1973, for a meeting with the AFL-CIO. He spent less than 40 minutes speaking and glad-handing with guests at Gleason’s annual golf tournament at the Inverrary Golf and Country Club, of which, at most ten minutes was available to chat with Gleason about UFO’s. Nothing else in Nixon’s diary indicates that the President did or didn’t slip his Secret Service detail and go on an alien adventure with Ralph Kramden. Assuming it hasn’t been doctored by the Illuminati, of course.

Where the story really starts to fall apart is Beverly Gleason’s interview with Esquire. Because it doesn’t appear to exist. A search of both Esquire’s archives and the internet in general turned up nothing. What did turn up, however, was an article supposedly written by Beverly from the National Enquirer, dated August 16, 1983. Discerning readers will note that Esquire and the Enquirer have different thresholds for veracity, and adjust their expectations accordingly.

The source of the "story."

The source of the “story.”

The Enquirer article claims to be an excerpt of Beverly Gleason’s “bombshell book” that would “[S]how The Great One – or Jack as she calls him – as he’s never been seen before.” It recounts Jackie’s encounter with Nixon and the dead aliens, which she claims Jackie said were “tiny, about two feet tall, with small bald heads and disproportionately large ears.” She then goes on to describe his constant ranting about the government cover-up of UFO’s, his love of the occult and his insistence that he’d lived past lives, including one “as a swashbuckling duke in the days of King Henry VIII.”

In short, the piece makes Jackie look like a lunatic, befitting a spurned wife writing a tell-all about her famous ex-husband. But the book wouldn’t show “Jack as he’s never been seen before” to anyone, because Beverly never published it. The Gleason/UFO story got picked up by a few other tabloids, but mostly faded into obscurity.

So how did a National Enquirer article from 1983 become an Esquire interview from 1974? Enter UFO researcher and “MUFON State Section Director” Kenny Young, who reached out to Beverly Gleason in 2003 to get more information about the Nixon incident. Young summarized his dialogue with Beverly in two emails for where he revealed that Beverly indeed confirmed the story of Jackie claiming that Nixon picked him up alone and took him to see “the dead little men in cases.” Beverly also told Young that she had stopped working on her book because of the backlash from Jackie, as her reveal had wrecked the marriage. On several occasions she directs Young to the Esquire article for more information, and insists she was interviewed by the magazine “sometime in ’74” after the couple had separated.

That their marriage ended in 1974 or ’75 (depending on the source) and the Enquirer article was published in 1983 (and not in Esquire) are not addressed in Young’s story. Whether Beverly Gleason misled Young or simply misremembered something that happened two decades ago is unclear. So despite the inconsistency, this appears to be the source of the “Esquire Magazine interview from 1974” claim.

The Larry Warren element of the story is equally problematic. Warren is a figure of some controversy in the UFO community, as he claims to be a key eyewitness to the Rendlesham Forest Incident, known as “Britain’s biggest UFO cover-up”, but his version of the events differs drastically from other witnesses. Rendlesham isn’t germane to this story, but if you’ve never listened to Brian’s thorough debunking of the incident, it’s well worth your time.

According to an account of the meeting, about six years after Rendlesham, Gleason became aware of Larry Warren’s UFO connection and invited him to his home in New York for a chat. After Warren got there, Gleason got sufficiently lit up to regale Warren with a painstakingly detailed version of the story, revealing tidbits that even Beverly never knew about. Warren was convinced Gleason was telling the truth, and the story spread from there, joining with Beverly’s tale to become the Nixon/Gleason farrago accepted as gospel truth by UFO believers.

The biggest problem with Warren’s story actually has nothing to do with Warren. It’s that as far as I can tell, the only account of the Warren/Gleason conversation doesn’t come from Larry Warren. Instead, it was written by Timothy Green Beckley, yet another UFO-ologist and paranormal investigator, who’s written books about the Secret of Fatima, the “Secret Space Program” and (of course) Niokla Tesla’s free energy experiments. Beckley also has branched out into film making with his unfortunately titled 2000 opus Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre.

Timothy Green Beckley

Timothy Green Beckley

Virtually every detail in virtually every internet posting about the conversation between Gleason and Warren comes from a story Beckley wrote called Jackie Gleason & the Little “Men From Mars.” This purported account of the Gleason/Warren meeting was included with other “true” celebrity alien encounters in Beckley’s 1992 book UFOs Among the Stars. But nowhere can I find Larry Warren actually claiming that he spoke with or met Jackie Gleason, and there is no other source confirming any of what Beckley wrote. It appears he simply glommed onto the Enquirer article and ran with it.

So what does all of this leave us with? Exactly what we started with: an outlandish story with little to support it other than hearsay. There was never corroboration from anyone at the Air Force Base or anyone on Nixon’s staff that Nixon was there that night, with or without Jackie Gleason. Both of the “reliable” accounts of the story, the only accounts we even have, are not reliable at all. This lack of evidence doesn’t prove the incident didn’t happen, but it certainly doesn’t help prove it did.

From what I can tell, there are four possibilities for the origin of this strange story:

1. Jackie Gleason made it up in 1973 to explain where he was one night
2. Beverly Gleason made it up in 1983 to tease her tell-all book
3. The National Enquirer made it up in 1983 and published it under Beverly’s name to sell newspapers
4. Richard Nixon took Jackie Gleason to see dead alien bodies at a Florida Air Force Base

I have no idea which one of those is true. But I’m pretty sure I know which one isn’t.

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42 Responses to Richard Nixon, Jackie Gleason and Some Dead Aliens

  1. Mud says:

    One day…POW in the kisser…

    The lab tour is a bit of a give away…But then Jackie may not have had the wherewithal to differentiate from what he invented to what was reality.

    You’d find it amasing that the USA can hide such succulent tidbits and freely disseminate astounding science.

  2. Anonymous says:

    jackie was known to be a drinker

  3. Anonymous says:

    Aliens are real, Jackie saw them, Richard gave him access, and Jackie actually gave that interview. No amount of nitpicking the details and looking for some sort of hoax/conspiracy will change the fact that millions of people continue to witness alien craft and aliens on a regular basis. I myself have incredible close ups of craft and humanoid figures I’ve taken over many hours and days. Stop looking down at your iPhones people. Lift your pea brain little heads and take a little looksie around. You will start to see them in time.

    • Charles Fleury II says:

      Good for you! Keep it up…

    • Vince says:

      SHOW US what you have! Or shut up about it. Saying it and proving it are two very different things.

    • And I promise you, before Obama goes out of office he will come forth with the proof & evidence of his proof and then! It will all be over but the crying! He will stay in office because of him coming forth to the American People with the truth! He will become an overnight hero! Just wait! I know you think I am crazy but this will happen as proof their are UFO’s and they are alive and well! Only problem I see, once discovered they will not be friendly! But, don’t worry about it for a second, cause Obama will save us all as he already knows about them and getting ready to tell the world! You think we have things to worry about now! WHATEVER! P.S. LITTLE GREEN MEN ON THE WHITE HOUSE LAWN? MIGHT EVEN FLY OBAMA TO MEET HIS WIFE ON VACATION! THEY COULD GET HIM THERE IN 5-MINUTES FLAT!

      • Noah Dillon says:

        I’ll bet you $1,000 that doesn’t happen. Are you interested? I will get a legally binding, notarized contract and will pay you $1,000 if your prediction comes true. What do you say?

    • Atoum says:

      Bless you

  4. moonlandingswerefaked says:

    Aliens are real, Jackie saw them, Richard gave him access, and Jackie actually gave that interview. No amount of nitpicking the details and looking for some sort of hoax/conspiracy will change the fact that millions of people continue to witness alien craft and aliens on a regular basis. I myself have incredible close ups of craft and humanoid figures I’ve taken over many hours and days. Stop looking down at your iPhones people. Lift your pea brain little heads and take a little looksie around. You will start to see them in time.

  5. tammy says:

    You know what’s funny. He did have past lives. And I know this because I was Jackie gleason in my last life. I was born 26/2/1988.
    I am just as funny as I was. But now I realise who my soul is and my purpose on this earth.

    The truth is out. Aliens do exist. We are all Alien souls in human bodies.
    I am here to awaken humanity. Death is just a transition… be happy and free..

    My life was a lot more exiting last time, but society has changed. And evil.has taken over America. I am in Australia now, but I will be back to make people laugh xx

    • Vince says:

      Oh tammy. ANYONE born after Gleason died can say they are Jackie Gleason reincarnated. That proves NOTHING. Now, if you can reveal some things that ONLY the late Jackie Gleason would have known…then you may be believed.

      • tammy says:

        lol. yes they can, but knowing and saying are two different things… it took me a long time to accept that i had these knowings about my soul. but its all good. i am god x

    • LaBrandon Joe says:

      Make me laugh, Jackie, make me laugh!

  6. Paul says:

    The only aliens in Florida come from a nearby island. The real aliens are in Ohio and Nevada. Wake up people!

    • Sgt.D says:

      Remember Wright Pat and S-4 are connected by Mag-Lev train tunnels. They run from Vandenberg to McGuire, across the whole US.

  7. Patricia says:

    I was very skeptical when I heard this story on TV recently. Thanks for clearing it up. Just shows you shouldn’t believe everything you hear.

  8. carina says:

    Nasa actually just released a statement that alien life is real here’s one link , if you type it in you’ll find many from crediable sites , so it’s kinda obvious that’s very limited and ingorant thinking, this is a more that vast than infinite universe just as life was created on earth there is an infinite amount of like that was too created

    • tammy says:

      nasa?? the illuminati organisation?? lol… aliens are multi dimensional beings.. as are we humans becoming NOW!! love is all that exists… WE are the aliens.. high vibrating aliens

  9. Jim W. says:

    So no one finds it strange that Nixon was allowed to drive off without the secret service? I’ve got news for you kids, that would NEVER happen. I loved Gleason’s work but his past is shaky at best, NOT a credible source. Again, POTUS never has been nor ever will be out of the sight of the secret service. I don’t know if aliens are here, but I do know that this story has way too many holes starting with paragraph #1.

    • jackie says:

      I have a feeling richard nixon got fedddd up with the reptilian draconian scum who must have pissed him off one last time…

      And showed the plieadian representative himself jackie gleason, so he could download it into the human concioussness..

      Its like hey you know the bosses u been a puppet for for your whole existabce, well they LIE to the whole earth population..

      so thats what happened…

      well it is happening now.. everything is occuring in the now in parrallell dimensions.. send love

  10. Doesn’t surprise me somehow that you haven’t done your research. i was just on Coast to Coast AM the other night (June 16 2015) with Larry Warren who told about his meeting Jackie Gleason and Gleason confirming his seeing the alien bodies with Nixon. Wasn’t with Gleason but I don’t sit around as a rule
    and rewrite stories from the tabloids. If you know anything about me you would know that I wrote a good many of the celebrity stories that appeared in the Enquirer and so forth.

  11. Chris Waters says:

    The story may well be true, but there is one thing that cannot be possible. Homestead AFB was a Tactical Fighter Base during those years. There is absolutely no possible reason to house the remains of aliens there, nor are there any facilities available to do so.

    A better location would be something like Patrick AFB, or Langley or such near Bethesda, or Wright-Patterson AFB. Not all USAF bases have adequate mortuary facilities.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      What are these evaluations based on? Aliens might be a hyper-intelligent blue soup that needs to be stored high in the atmosphere and pumped full of gaseous nitrogen and silica. Guessing at where best to store a totally unknown and merely speculated organism makes no sense. You might as well make recommendations about what comprises the best diet for a unicorn.

  12. J Houston says:

    The editor must have looked all over for a writer called “Rothschild” to trigger the conspiracy theorists.

  13. Kathy says:

    Well, I LOVED Jackie Gleason in Smokey and the Bandit and the Honeymooners. If this is a fake story I don’t think Buford T. Justice started it, lol. I think it is probably false though due to the fact that I don’t think Nixon could of kept the secret or the media. If there really were little alien bodies being kept in top secret facilities don’t you think somebody from the media (even the nuts at CNN or MSNBC) would report it??? Don’t you think anybody would love to have that scoop? Do you think the members of the US military and the CIA and all the other agencies that spy on us and the world would have a leaker??? Sum’ b***h! this is a good story though!

  14. Chuck Gabriel says:

    In reference to the photo, why does the caption read “Nixon and Gleason awkwardly play golf”? I’m very skeptical of this observation.

  15. Tim Beckley says:

    As skeptics often do you got it wrong. – Go back and read the article in UFOs Among The Stars. It is the story as Larry Warren told me not as I glummed it from the Enquirer. I wasn’t there when Gleason saw the aliens, if he did, but don’t have me making up st uff…thats just plain BS.

  16. David says:

    Beverly Gleason was a guest on I believe the Johnny Carson show. I can’t remember exactly when but I watched the show. During their conversation she discussed Jackie and Nixon going to see alien bodies. It has to be archived somewhere.

  17. Matthew c. says:

    I am not really impressed by the Gleason story or others. However, 1972, a large prob UFO changing colors landed in our backyard on rynella road in New Iberia louisiana, with 50 people present and stayed 6 hours. I report this just to show what an idiot this typically ridiculous debunker author is. If you can’t handle something , don’t assume it is not real. Idiot.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      Anybody bother to take a photo in those six hours, or document the event in any way? Anything?

      • Sgt.D says:

        Noah, Back then, It wasn’t like it is now. Cameras weren’t all over the place. They were at weddings, at the zoo and on vacation. While accompanying a Vice-President into a military installation where they have “normal” secrets, having any camera, is most likely a big no no.
        Take Care!

        • Noah Dillon says:

          Gee. Then I guess all these old cameras I ended up with from family members, old Nikons and Polaroids and 8mm film cameras and slide carousels and all this other stuff that’s been super common since the 1940s (at least) wasn’t actually around in 1972. Yeah. No one had cameras at an event with 50 people, or thought to grab one during a six-hour visit from aliens, and at a place that didn’t have a vice president or a military installation—I’m not sure why you mentioned that since it’s irrelevant to the story in the previous comment.

          • Sgt. D says:

            NOAH, I don’t know HOW you read other people’s comments inside your head. I was NOT being critical. I was attempting to have a light hearted conversation. …

          • Noah Dillon says:


          • Sgt. D says:

            Noah, I was reading two stories about UFOs at the same time. The other story talked about The Eisenhower Presidency. Yes, I referred to Nixon as VICE President instead of President.
            A normal polite person would have probably written; “If you look closer, you will see that my question was directed at the comment above and not at the Nixon/Gleason story.”
            I apologize. I am sorry if my horrible mistakes offended your delicate sensibilities.

          • Noah Dillon says:

            I didn’t know I had to point out to you how a comment thread works. Sorry. This comment refers to your comment.

  18. pedro says:


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