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Since 2006, the weekly Skeptoid podcast has been taking on all the most popular urban legends and revealing the true science, true history, and true lessons we can learn from each. The Internet stream has 96,000 weekly listeners, plus many more on syndicated radio. Skeptoid is a listener supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Learn more


How the Pyramids Were (and Were Not) Built - Part 1

Episode 778, May 4, 2021

Some of what we know about the Great Pyramid that exclude it having been built by aliens or Atlanteans.

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The 2019 USS Kidd Incident
Episode 777, April 27, 2021
Popular reports claim that a group of US Navy destroyers were buzzed by advanced drones in 2019.

The Engineered Moon Conspiracy
Episode 776, April 20, 2021
Science refutes the claim made by some that the Moon is a hollow spaceship engineered by aliens.

Listener Feedback: Monstrous Reversals
Episode 775, April 13, 2021
Some updates and additional information to a few past episodes... better all the time.

Bitcoin Fact and Fiction
Episode 774, April 6, 2021
What's true and what's not about the world's most popular cryptocurrency.

Top 10 Pro-Science Fictional Characters
Episode 773, March 30, 2021
A roundup of all the best pro-science characters from your favorite books, movies, and TV shows.

The Monster of Port Chatham
Episode 772, March 23, 2021
This remote town in Alaska was said to have been abandoned because of violent Bigfoot attacks.

Denizens of Lake Baikal
Episode 771, March 16, 2021
A host of strange monsters are said to lurk beneath the surface of the world's deepest lake.

The Human Design System
Episode 770, March 9, 2021
A mishmash of eastern mysticism masquerades as psychometry.

The Vampire of Croglin Grange
Episode 769, March 2, 2021
Which came first: the publication of this famous vampire story, or its associated family tradition?

Inside the Mountain Meadows Massacre
Episode 768, February 23, 2021
Myths, conspiracies, and coverups cloak this 1857 massacre of American emigrants.

The Year's Best of Skeptoid
Episode 767, February 16, 2021
My personal favorite Skeptoid episodes from each and every year of its production.

Illuminating Our Lady of Zeitoun
Episode 766, February 9, 2021
This Marian apparition from Egypt has some science fiction explanations and a sound one.

Tartaria and the Mud Flood
Episode 765, February 2, 2021
Some claim that all of world history is a coverup for the mighty ancient nation of Tartaria.

Learning Styles, Re-examined
Episode 764, January 26, 2021
Most teachers believe that students have different learning styles and curricula can be tailored to it. Not so much.

Elvis Sightings and You
Episode 763, January 19, 2021
People keep thinking Elvis is still alive — and here's why that matters to you.

On the Trail of the Yowie
Episode 762, January 12, 2021
Australia's version of Bigfoot may — or may not — have its origin in Aboriginal mythology.

Havana Syndrome, Microwaves, and Hearing RF
Episode 761, January 5, 2021
The lone exception to the science fact that radio cannot hurt you.

The 1994 Ruwa Zimbabwe Alien Encounter
Episode 760, December 29, 2020
This popular tale claims 62 African schoolchildren were contacted by an extraterrestrial.

Percy Schmeiser vs Monsanto
Episode 759, December 22, 2020
The most famous case in the history of Monsanto vs. small farmers might not be what you think.

Finding the USS Cyclops
Episode 758, December 15, 2020
This most famous ship disappearance from the Bermuda Triangle probably had nothing to do with it.

The Montauk Project
Episode 757, December 8, 2020
Some believe the government opened up time portals underneath Long Island, New York.

The Death Ship SS Ourang Medan
Episode 756, December 1, 2020
This ship was said to be discovered with all its crew dead under unexplainable circumstances.

Examining Gulf War Illness
Episode 755, November 24, 2020
Some researchers believe there is no such thing as Gulf War Illness, and the rest have more questions than answers.

About That Life on Mars...
Episode 754, November 17, 2020
Good scientists can get the wrong idea, but they don't need to make it worse by announcing bad science.

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