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The Death of Rasputin
Skeptoid #432, Sep 16 2014
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Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Skeptoid #430, Sep 2 2014
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The Many Voices of Frank's Box
Skeptoid #429, Aug 26 2014
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The Haunted Dybbuk Box
Skeptoid #428, Aug 19 2014
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The JFK Assassination
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Asking the Socratic Questions
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5 False Arguments for Raw Milk
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#4 -
Fukushima vs Chernobyl vs Three Mile Island
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Who Discovered the New World?
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Listeners Have Another Say
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The Baldoon Mystery
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6 Problems with Wind Turbine Syndrome
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"Hi again Brian! I have offered my dog Jamil as a burnt offering (but not really) for another award for you. Running out of dogs, my Friend. My Wife visited the famous faith healer Amang Hari on her 30th anniversary in Kawit, Cavite (Google her, that's another story which I will be more than happy to share with you when you get some time!) My Wife said prayers and lit candles, of which we have a bunch, for your award. Believe it or not, she, my Wife, is very religious but really enjoys the podcast and In Fact videos. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Tom"
- Tom Bowers, Home in Imus, Cavite, PI

"I just wanted to say, as a donator, how much I love your show. Oh, and I think you'll love this."
- Stephan Grieger, Melbourne, Australia

"Just a quick comment to tell you how much I appreciate Skeptoid and what you are trying to achieve. I know people who believe in phantoms and fairies, people who embrace the latest fad diet or health craze and people who go to psychics and fortune tellers and pay money to be told “everything is going to be ok!” I have personally experienced a few strange things but I understand and recognise how fallible the human senses are. Keep up the good work you are doing, your articles on pseudoscience are particularly engaging! There are so many people who believe in miracle cures and self help claptrap and it annoys and frustrates me! If you want to lose weight and be healthier eat less, eat healthier and exercise more. There are no miracle drugs or supplements or diets. Put the fork down and get some exercise. I suppose we both hope common sense will one day prevail."
- Glen Telfer, Northumberland, England

"I have two favorite websites: Skeptoid & Cracked. I stumbled across Skeptoid (probably a link on Cracked) several months ago and have been reading all your articles in chronological order. I'm only up to July 27, 2010...but I'm getting there. I love it. Keep up the great work!"
- Dave, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

"Found your site on accident when looking for critical thinking information. I really like the content. The world needs more critical thinking, or at least a dose of healthy scepticism. The article about the slacktivism was spot on! Kony 2012 was the "origin" of my conscious critical thinking as I felt ashamed that a simple video clip could make me feel emotion for something that is not actually true. You've got yourself a new reader/listener! Keep up the good work sir!"
- Veso Mitev, Varna, Bulgaria

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