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Brian Dunning

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What people are saying about Skeptoid:

"Love your podcast. Love it love it love it. Love the web transcripts too. -r -=-"
- r wesley edwards, 91001

"Hi Brian Dunning from skeptiod dot com! I am one semester away from finishing college and want to let you know how much I appreciate everything you've done. I started listening about four years ago. Skeptiod was the first podcast I discovered. I was watching "Ancient Aliens" and monster hunter shows a lot with my dad at the time, and your show was so much more entertaining. I loved how effortlessly you would shoot down all of their outrageous claims in a way that no sane person could logically disagree. That sort of sound logic and skepticism has been integral in navigating my way through college. I take everything someone tells me with a grain of salt and always do my research before I make a decision. As soon as I graduated and landed my teaching job, I planned on giving back to the creator of this program. I have, however, been confused with the behind the scenes stuff going on lately with the guest hosts. I check your website for news and subscribe to Twitter, but I still feel in the dark. At first I worried about your health or that someone had set a voudou curse on you. It seems, and I may be wrong, that the guest hosts have been more in charge of the content lately. It seems like the focus has gone from debunking outlandish claims to debating social issues. I did not disagree with anything in the transgender or male circumcision episodes, but skeptiod did not really seem like the place for those topics. I guess I just miss you obliterating easy targets. Regardless, Hope the show goes on forever."
- Blaine Cowen, San Antonio

"Hey Brian, I do you your site and the great job that you do here. I will contribute to your cause soon. Dave"
- Super Dave, Deep in The Heart of Texas

"It is fantastic to finally find a good, solid, logical, skeptical podcast that uses as much real science as possible to explain the myths, pseudoscience, and conspiracies that plague our world. I would heartily recommend this series to anyone who loves objective thinking and holds a skeptical view of the world and its inhabitants."
- Joshua Lees, York, England

"Your listening archive is large enough for me to listen for hours while I'm at work. Keep up the great work, and thank you to everyone at Skeptoid!"
- Edward J Richard III, Melbourne, FL

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