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Nine True Conspiracies That Aren’t Actually True or Conspiracies

In Skeptoid Episode #364, Brian made a statement regarding conspiracy theories that I’ve since used many times in my continued battle against tinfoil-helmeted nonsense. It’s simple, direct, and 100% true: No conspiracy theory has ever been proven true. A less-elegant … Continue reading

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What I’d Say to the Latest Anti-Vaccine Celebrity

Those who know me know two things about me: I love the Chicago Bears and I love talking about the importance of vaccinations. So when Kristin Cavallari, the wife of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, and apparently a celebrity in her … Continue reading

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NaturalNonsense:Misleading statements on whooping cough

In reading NaturalNews articles, I’m frequently left wondering if the writers intentionally misquote their references or if the writers simply cannot understand what they read. What’s more remarkable is when the reference in question is a press release rather than … Continue reading

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Is herd immunity a myth? A response to Russell Blaylock, Part 1

Like late night callers to the Coast to Coast AM, the Internet is filled with articles that claim to have found the fatal flaw in “hoaxes” perpetrated by the scientific community. Using the well-honed technique of throwing an easy pitch … Continue reading

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Why Would Bill Gates Want to Kill One Billion People?

Viral video aggregator Upworthy has been in the news a lot lately, mostly for their meteoric rise in popularity and maddening-yet-effective headline writing style. One element of the site that didn’t get much press, however, was an announcement they made … Continue reading

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MS Gets Pulled Into the Gardasil Wars

As it so often happens, it started with a link. This particular one was a story on a website called “Signs of the Times,” and it proclaimed: “Charges Filed: Panel of experts conclude Gardasil injection caused multiple sclerosis and immune … Continue reading

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I Got The Flu Shot And Now I Got The Flu!

Last week, I wrote about “zombie news” stories coming around on my social media timelines and how it serves only to spread misinformation. While watching these news stories pop up over and over, I also watched a Facebook discussion develop … Continue reading

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New Published Study Verifies Andrew Wakefield’s Research on Autism – Except It Doesn’t

It is interesting to see the way information spreads on the internet, especially when it comes to fringe beliefs. I saw the headline about the vaccine court confirming autism come around my social media circles the last couple of days … Continue reading

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MercolaWatch:Desperate Times for Vaccine Safety and Efficacy Denialism

Barbara Loe Fisher guest stars in the Mercola.com article I will be looking at this week. The anti-vaccine folks have cleverly started to use the term “denial” in their rhetoric as the Mercola article is entitled “Desperate Times for Vaccine … Continue reading

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MercolaWatch:Dangerous reasoning about the chickenpox vaccine

In an April article, “Despite Doctor’s Order, School Bans Girl for Not Getting Chickenpox Vaccine”, Mercola is at it again with strange logic which seems to directly contradict the available facts. It seems that like many who are anti-vaccine, the … Continue reading

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