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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, Vaccines, and Mercury

I recently received a copy of Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy, Junior’s new book, titled Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak (Skyhorse Publishing, 2015), which is dramatically subtitled The evidence supporting the immediate removal of mercury—a known neurotoxin—from vaccines. My first impression was one of … Continue reading

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IMO: Safety

Safety is something that weighs on the minds of most folk, I think it’s safe to say. We worry about many perceived risks and dangers of the world around us. Parents worry about keeping their children safe, people worry about their … Continue reading

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Chlamydia Infection Devastates Australia’s Koala Population

We have decided to remove this post. The story of chlamydia’s damage to the koalas is an important one, and deserves to be thoroughly and properly reported with high regard to scientific accuracy. The version of this article that was … Continue reading

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Stop Being Anti-Science

This might be my most obvious post to date. I know the message that follows has been stated many times and in many ways much more eloquently than I am about to here. I still feel I need to repeat … Continue reading

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HPV Vaccine: Not Just for Girls Anymore

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is an extremely common virus.  Most sexually active people will be infected with it at some point in their lives.  At any given time, about 1% of sexually active men in the US have genital warts.  The … Continue reading

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