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Lazy Reporting of UFO Phenomena

Just before the 4th of July holiday, there were reports of UFO sightings in Hemlock, Michigan.  The UFO story itself is neither noteworthy nor unusual for this sort of random lights-in-the-sky sighting; but I found the news report generated from … Continue reading

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Three Classic UFO Conspiracy Theories

As a skeptical blogger, I’ve often found topics that are interesting enough to research, but don’t really have a lot of “there there,” so to speak. Most just kind of appeared on the internet in the early days of conspiracy … Continue reading

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Have You Seen This Peruvian “Flying Humanoid” Video?

When I write about unidentified flying objects, I’m used to it being of the alien spacecraft variety. But apparently in Puerto Maldonado, Peru, there’s another phenomenon making the rounds: an unidentified flying humanoid. This is revealed in a new video … Continue reading

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Mirage Men: A New Chapter in UFOlogy

Mirage Men is a limited-release documentary from late 2013, and if you get a chance, you should definitely see it. They talk about Alice going down the rabbit hole; this film starts with you already lost down in the hole, … Continue reading

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What You’re Searching For

A few days ago, I tweeted a search term that someone used to find Skeptoid Blog that had caught my eye for its sheer weirdness. Twitter follower Graeme Perrow replied that a post based on some of the most memorable … Continue reading

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Death by Mysterious Circumstances

The idea of the “mysterious death” as a cornerstone of conspiracy theories is one of the more commonly held tropes in that world. Whether it’s people related to 9/11, UFO’s, false flags or corporate maleficence, believers tend to describe the … Continue reading

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Richard Nixon, Jackie Gleason and Some Dead Aliens

It was a warm night in Florida on February 19, 1973. Two friends had spent part of the day playing golf and chatting about their mutual interests, not unusual behavior for friends to engage in. But these weren’t your usual … Continue reading

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A UFO Sighting in the Permian Basin

In a special report from west Texas, we learn about the amazing story of possible UFOs in over the Permian Basin! Learn the amazing story after the break!

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Alien Markings outside Penn Jillette’s House

The UFO and magic communities are both abuzz with the news that huge bizarre markings, directed toward visiting aliens, have been discovered in the desert just outside Penn Jillette’s Las Vegas property, dubbed “The Slammer”. Researchers noticed the markings on … Continue reading

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