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UFOs and Lasers caught on video

  So, UFOs. The rise of near ubiquitous video cameras has coincided with a reduction in UFO reports, surprisingly. That said, a recent video sighting claiming to show a UFO firing a laser or a beam at a car caught … Continue reading

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Witness of Roswell incident passed away

A witness to the Roswell incident in 1947 recently passed away. Although, witness is probably not entirely correct. Dr Jesse Marcel Jr was only 10 when that weather balloon crashed in that area of New Mexico. Dr Marcel’s father was … Continue reading

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Is Dulce Base the New Area 51?

With a population of under 3,000, the New Mexico border town of Dulce is remarkably unremarkable. Populated almost entirely by Native Americans, it has a Bureau of Indian Affairs office, a couple of churches and a very small airport. But … Continue reading

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IMO: UFOs and Alien Visitation

In this installment of IMO (in my opinion), let’s talk a bit about UFOs and alien visitation. UFOs, in this context, doesn’t exactly mean “Unidentified Flying Objects” but rather “Alien Spacecraft” (or possibly government experimental craft, time travelers, inter-dimensional travelers, I’m going to stick … Continue reading

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Interesting in-flight “UFO” Video

A new youtube video is making the rounds showing a mysterious object appearing to fly outside of a commercial airliner on December 19th 2012. The video is pretty interesting, the person filming it, Mauricio Ruiz, attempts to record good evidence … Continue reading

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