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When a Drone is Not a Drone

It’s unfortunate that language is often used carelessly. We frequently react to news emotionally rather than analytically; and when imprecise language elicits groundless fear, our reaction can be the same as if the fear were justified. The current popular trend … Continue reading

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Anti-Viral Ads: DirecTV Genie

Advertisements upset me. They seem designed to appeal to the misinformed, uninformed, or gullible; preying upon every emotional and logical weakness they can find. I often find myself insulted on behalf of humanity that the people behind these schemes think … Continue reading

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Fact or Faked?

Upon seeing this morning’s post on Doubtful News about how SyFy’s show Fact or Faked is gaining more viewers than ever, I felt compelled to comment upon its title, a pet peeve of mine ever since the show came out. … Continue reading

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