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Book Review: A Modern Christmas Carol

A Modern Christmas Carol by Bob Seidensticker 122 pages; CreateSpace Independent Publishing; $5.99 [paperback] 97 pages; Amazon Digital Services; $1.99 [Kindle eBook] I love the dickens out of a good A Christmas Carol send-up … and I hate a bad one. Given that … Continue reading

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Reconsidering Thalidomide

Last week I made a throwaway comment about thalidomide as part of a statement about dangerous drugs, and how”I wouldn’t touch [it] even on a doctor’s recommendation.” Because, I mean, thalidomide, right? Deformed babies and lawsuits and the poster child … Continue reading

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Common Arguments Against Skepticism (And Why They’re Wrong)

If you spend enough time reading pieces on skeptical websites, or commenting on websites that promote conspiracy theories or pseudoscience, you’re going to start seeing the same feedback over and over. And by “feedback” I mean hysterical insults and accusations. … Continue reading

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Skeptics and Retards

Bill Maher is lauded by many skeptics for his criticism of organised religion. Some prefer to just gloss over or totally ignore his rejection of “western medicine” as he likes to call it and his many rants about the fantasy … Continue reading

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What Students Think of Here Be Dragons

As I discussed previously, I like to use resources from the Skeptoid podcast in my composition classes to foster critical thinking skills. I also use the film Here Be Dragons, as it has the good qualities of being (1) short … Continue reading

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Skeptical Classroom Resources

When I posted last week my own little experience concerning introducing skepticism and critical thinking into the classroom, I knew I was far from the first person to commit such ideas to writing. But since that post, I’ve become keenly … Continue reading

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The Language of Science and Skepticism

I describe myself as a skeptic. It is sometimes difficult to describe to others what being a skeptic means. My family and friends sometimes misunderstand my intentions as a skeptic, and I find it is because they do not regularly participate … Continue reading

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