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Cosmos (2014) Episode 5: Best and Worst

Sorry to leave you in the dark yesterday; I was moving Sunday and wasn’t able to lighten my load sufficiently to watch the latest episode of Cosmos on time. Luckily, the folks at Fox Broadcasting are bright enough to put … Continue reading

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Cosmos (2014) Episode 4: Best and Worst

Cosmos finishes up its first month this week with a discussion themed around the speed of light. It’s been a solid first month, and I look forward to the rest of the series; but first, it’s time to pick out … Continue reading

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Cosmos (2014) Episode 1: Best and Worst

After my recent run as a cut-rate media critic with the 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to resist taking on another television show. Fortunately, the highly anticipated Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey has … Continue reading

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I Said ‘Show Me The SCIENCE’

Writing this blog has proved to be quite the challenge. I enjoy doing it as it is greatly helping me work on being a better writer. It also is a fantastic way to educate people on the process of science, … Continue reading

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The Media and the Latest BPA Scare

Bisphenol A is back in the news again. Are you scared yet? The news media certainly thinks you should be. But we all know how dodgy science reporting in the news media is. So, should we be scared? Or is this … Continue reading

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Reconsidering Thalidomide

Last week I made a throwaway comment about thalidomide as part of a statement about dangerous drugs, and how”I wouldn’t touch [it] even on a doctor’s recommendation.” Because, I mean, thalidomide, right? Deformed babies and lawsuits and the poster child … Continue reading

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Russian Ignorance of LGBT Science

Late last week, a truly reprehensible video starting going viral on the Internet. Originally posted by a Russian hate site, the video began to go viral when it hit YouTube. Thankfully, YouTube pulled the video (apparently, a film featuring the … Continue reading

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I Got The Flu Shot And Now I Got The Flu!

Last week, I wrote about “zombie news” stories coming around on my social media timelines and how it serves only to spread misinformation. While watching these news stories pop up over and over, I also watched a Facebook discussion develop … Continue reading

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Is It Time To Give Up Facebook?

We all know that the mainstream media loves a good, link-baiting headline, and that they are prone to simplification and exaggeration when it comes to science discoveries. So whenever I see the news feeds light up with the sensational results … Continue reading

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Stop Being Anti-Science

This might be my most obvious post to date. I know the message that follows has been stated many times and in many ways much more eloquently than I am about to here. I still feel I need to repeat … Continue reading

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