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What Are 250 Million Americans Infected With?

Even for weird internet ads, this one is especially disgusting. It looks like it was drawn in crayon by a six year old, and shows three equally icky images. One is a “white coated tongue” sticking out, another is a … Continue reading

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The Ugly Truth About the Iraqi Dinar

Does it make sense to you than an investment opportunity could pay a 2,750,000% return on what you put in? That for the price of getting your tires rotated, you could buy a new house, and for the price of … Continue reading

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Old Scams for New Media – And I Fell For One

The lure of separating people from their money is as old as money itself. Go back to caveman times and it’s a safe bet one caveman was trying to sell another caveman some worthless magic animal meat with the promise … Continue reading

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One Weird Trick to Rule Them All

Hey, you there. Sitting at your computer, clicking away. Times are tough, right? You’re feeling lethargic and a bit overweight, yes? Your skin has gotten blotchy and your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be. You’ve got a … Continue reading

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On the Fringes of MS

The number of Americans living with some form of chronic illness is estimated to be around 133 million. They run a wide spectrum, from obesity to genetic abnormalities to cancer. Many can be managed through a combination of medicine and … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Weight Loss Site

SensaSlim was one of many “miracle” weight loss products that have come and gone. It was an Australian company “headquartered” in Switzerland led by folks who had a history of weight loss scams. At the end of 2011 is was … Continue reading

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