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Busting Some Rothschild Family Facebook Memes

If you want to dispense racist, historically ignorant nonsense about wealthy Jews, you can hardly do better than Facebook. Quite a few memes have been going around about the Rothschild family (which, full disclosure, I have absolutely no link to … Continue reading

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Some Other Famous Rothschilds

I trust no one with the name Rothschild, sorry… A comment from reader Justin Kies on my piece on false flags gave me food for thought. While it’s a common enough belief that the Rothschild banking family exerts almost limitless … Continue reading

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Minutes from the Annual Rothschild Family Meeting

Despite my last name being Rothschild, for some reason, I have never been invited to the Rothschild Dynasty Annual Meeting, held this year in beautiful Southern California. However, through secret channels, begging and calling in favors, I was able to … Continue reading

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