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2015 Technology Predictions: Some Good, Some Bad, None Impressive

For a couple of years now I’ve been following Mark Anderson’s yearly top 10 tech at Strategic News Service. It is claimed that he has a 94% success rate (though it’s unclear if this claim comes directly from Anderson himself). Last year, … Continue reading

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2014 Predictions in Technology: Getting Better

Each year in January, I make a roundup of one particular set of predictions in technology. They are written by Mark Anderson from Strategic News Service. Over the years, I’ve come to realise he’s not a psychic (he doesn’t claim … Continue reading

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My Psychic Prediction for 2012 Came True within Minutes!

Like so many other scientific skeptics, I made a handful of joke predictions for 2012, predicting things that are bound to happen. It’s just an easy way to poke fun at people who make their livings by lying and claiming … Continue reading

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Yet Another Ten Failed Technology (or Science) Predictions

At the risk of boring our readers with more of the same, I offer to you yet another ten failed technology predictions.  It seems you all enjoy reading this kind of thing as much as I enjoy writing it.  Sometimes … Continue reading

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Another Ten Failed Technology Predictions

History has given us numerous examples of failed technology predictions by those who should have known better…many more than could be contained in one list of ten examples.  Therefore, I present to you another ten failed technology predictions.  Read it … Continue reading

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Ten Failed Technology Predictions

Every generation has certain technological breakthroughs as well as detractors who say they will never catch on. I personally have yet to watch any 3D programming on the new 3D TV that our family bought for Christmas.  Some concepts just … Continue reading

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