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Social Media Political Lies

I want to preface this post by stating I am not a fan of the two-party system that controls the politics in the United States. This post is not intended to be a defense of President Obama, nor a criticism of … Continue reading

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On Tribalism

It’s election time, and many of the people I know are divided into two halves, each half making a fool’s charges against the other. My contribution to this is the final paragraph from Skeptoid #324: There should be something of … Continue reading

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Canada May Sensibly Blow Off Kyoto

No nation concerned with the science of climate change should have ever given the Kyoto Protocol the time of day. Most of them did, and signed and ratified this plan to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of wealthy nations, while … Continue reading

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I, Global Warming Skeptic

I am a global warming skeptic. Politically, I land somewhere in the libertarian/conservative camp. If liberal still meant what it did 60 years ago I’d probably be one of those. Whatever my label, I am not a progressive/socialist kind of guy. … Continue reading

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