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Is It Time To Give Up Facebook?

We all know that the mainstream media loves a good, link-baiting headline, and that they are prone to simplification and exaggeration when it comes to science discoveries. So whenever I see the news feeds light up with the sensational results … Continue reading

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The Very Basics of Peer Review

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the role of peer review in the MMR causes autism scandal  kick started by Andrew Wakefield’s fraudulent 1998 study. In my other guise of Autismum I’m often locking horns with … Continue reading

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Peer Review and the MMR-Autism Debacle

When a study is submitted to a scientific journal, it goes through a number of stages, at any of which, its publication could be rejected. The editorial team check the paper. They ensure it fits within the scope of their … Continue reading

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