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Far from Bulletproof Science

Like a lot of people in the Western world, I used to be a bit overweight—you know, a spare tire, nothing special. But in one of those classic New Year resolutions last year, I decided enough is enough and started going … Continue reading

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Skepticism and Science for Kids

This week I thought I’d break away from more serious themes and talk a little about introducing my children to science and skepticism. Whenever my kids ask me science questions, I try to make sure I give them a correct … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Diets: Fad vs Fact

You know a food fad has really made it mainstream when the local mom and pop Italian restaurant here in the heart of rural Pennsylvania starts serving gluten free pasta.  I asked the server what was the deal with the … Continue reading

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Using Skeptoid as a Reference is Not So Easy

I should have known better, but sometimes emotions do get the best of us. On Twitter, a user was attacking a celebrity I follow. Normally I don’t get involved since a celebrity has to expect a certain level of negative … Continue reading

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