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Do Not Try This Paleo Diet

Cannibalism is of one those topics that automatically gets a lot of eyeballs and clicks on the Internet. I’m sure there are a lot of psychological and sociological hypotheses to explain this but that’s not why I’m bringing up the subject. I want … Continue reading

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Are You Orthorexic? Our Obsession with Healthy Eating

We seem to have forgotten that humans are omnivorous. Around the world and throughout history, people have thrived on diets diverse and extreme enough to shame the fad diet section in any modern bookstore. Populations have flourished on staples like … Continue reading

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Skepticism and Science for Kids

This week I thought I’d break away from more serious themes and talk a little about introducing my children to science and skepticism. Whenever my kids ask me science questions, I try to make sure I give them a correct … Continue reading

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Using Skeptoid as a Reference is Not So Easy

I should have known better, but sometimes emotions do get the best of us. On Twitter, a user was attacking a celebrity I follow. Normally I don’t get involved since a celebrity has to expect a certain level of negative … Continue reading

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