Gazing deeper into the Orion Constellation (Image Gallery) Part I

I want to continue with the Orion constellation this week to go over each of the components in greater detail. There are parts of the Orion constellation that one can see with the naked eye but there are also quite a few deep sky objects that can only been seen through a powerful telescope. Luckily, we live in the year 2013 and nearly all of us posses the technology to view images of the sky through a device that can fit in one’s pocket. Imagine what Galileo would think of such nonsense! He would probably think of it as sorcery or a magic box, but I also like to imagine he could be reasoned with and would allow himself to be immersed in the magnificent beauty of the visible (but not through the naked eye) universe.

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Gazing Deep into the Orion Constellation

Winter Stargazing

Even though we have finally officially entered winter and it’s actually starting to feel like winter for a change, I still brave the cold to go outside and look at the sky for a while. Well…I actually layer 3 shirts under a nice wool-lined winter jacket and I put leggings on under my jeans…so, I “brave” the cold by hiding from it. Nonetheless, I find myself outside pining for my old friends in the sky even on the coldest nights. During the Geminid Meteor Shower I even dragged my poor boyfriend and a few close relatives outside in ~30 degree weather with a sheet of cardboard and a blanket to lay on and stayed out there for at least an hour watching the “sky fall”. It was absolutely amazing and worth every agonizing second. At least I live in the south, though, where even our most frigid nights are mild in comparison to most of the freezing cold nights elsewhere in the more northern parts of the US.

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